6 Things You Might Not Know About Kurt Wild

Gay Porn Star Kurt Wild

Have you ever heard this joke? “You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is white, the best golfer is black, the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, France is accusing the U.S. of arrogance, Germany doesn’t want to go to war, and the three most powerful men in America are named Bush, Dick, and Colon.

Should we add “and the best bottom gay porn star is straight” ?

Today I googled Kurt Wild to find out more about him and the result surprised me.

1) Kurt Wild is straight ?

Kurt’s model profile on Fabscout labeled him as Straight / Gay for Pay. But I doubt that cause he look so into guys in his sex scenes.

2) Kurt Wild married with 3 children

Many bloggers already posted about Kurt Wild married with 3 children. And his interview on FPG Entertainment mentioned he love to go fishing with his son.

FPG: What do you do with your free time?

Kurt: I have a wife and three kids. Nearly all of my free time is spent with my family, I take them everywhere with me when I’m not shooting. When I’m not with them, I enjoy photography, and just being outdoors. I take my son fishing all the time. But mostly it’s photography. I show my pictures on my MySpace page. There’s a link to it from my yahoo group.

FPG: As a straight guy, you bottom quite a bit. That shows quite an acceptance of human sexuality. Any opinions about that?

Kurt: I think that anyone who shows a lack of understanding about sexuality is shallow. I enjoy male energy, but I’m emotionally and physically attracted to women. There’s room for both. [read full interview]

3) He enjoys photography

I found Kurt Wild Yahoo Group which Kurt himself is the member and answer questions to all his fan. Isn’t that great to learn from the pro. Join his Yahoo group then follow this link to his MySpace page with his photography.

4) In his last few sex scenes, he has been double orgasms with hot loads of cum within just a few minutes apart.

I don’t remember if I mentioned to everyone reading that I have taken
up with new ways to show how much I enjoy my work. My last few sex
scenes have been double orgasms with hot loads of cum within just a few minutes
apart!! All of the sexual intensity keeps me wantingmore of it before it’s
over.. so from now on as I have been doing recently, I certainly hope to keep
bringing all of that intensity to my loved viewers. I have decided
that this year will be a great one with a new list of angles,
cumshots, and fetish!:) Along with my favorite things to do and
feel..lol Anyways, before go and have breakfast I want everyone to
know that I didn’t mean to say anything negative onhere.. to be honest
Ididn’t even mean for my “no subject” message to go out. Whatever:)

The last two places for people to see double cumshots is for Titan and
www.hothouse.com You would think I know a lot more but hey I just
bring hot action with my …brotherhood love.

5) He teaches his fans about how to feel good while getting fucked

If I would have been your top, I would have shown you
how a lot of us performers guide each other with new ideas and views
even while working. I would have definitely found the best starting
position and let your body relax to a point. It s best to always
keep a hard cock, the prostate opens you up more in reality. I
don’t wanna feel like I know it all, but I know my own body very
well. If you don’t know how things are gonna go before that dick
goes in, you’ll definitely figure it out. Your prostate (un-
stimulated) can cause discomfort for sure. That’s why i say if you
have an erection and stimulate your dick, then your partners dick
rubbing against yours from the inside will seem to connect. It’s not
really milking the prostate til’ it makes you pop. I think I cum
more that way but I’m not sure. Here lately I have been doing
double cumshots of good size, I think within 5 minutes during a
scene. Titan Media loved that. As did Hothouse.com. I hope
something I have said will help you get things how YOU want. just
remember, if you have regrets.. don’t do it. Love ya:)

6) He writes poems.

Friends To Lovers

There was a time you seemed to be,
searching for love but only found me.

You say I’m always in the back of your mind,
but to me, you were the best anyone can find.

When you crushed on other people I knew,
all to well just what you would do.

You would go up to them with fears,
sadly to end up leaving them in tears.

But I soon realized that I really must care,
thinking only of you, my love, could I share.

When I finally saw you were about to melt,
I came forward and told you how I felt.

And from that day on, just you and I,
we made a vow, that our love would never die.

Kurt Wild~

Copyright ?2008 Kurt Wild [source]

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  1. Jack says

    Kurt’s my absolute fav since I first saw him on Corbin Fisher then he was on ChaosMen. He’s a doll and yes, he does love to get fucked. Many str8 guys do like assplay and it takes a gay guy to do it right, so he knows where to get what he craves.

  2. Marcos says

    Jack you are deluded, dude. He is not straight. He may be in denial, but anyone with eyes to see should know that.

  3. Tom says

    In my opinion all of us are born “bi curious”. What we do with our sexuality and how far we go is upto us and don’t forget “Porn” is not like real intimacy between two people! It’s “Acting” like you are enjoying it and hey if you do all the merrier and why not?!

  4. Oat says

    yeah i second tom

    sexual identity is something one believes oneself to be, that is, on the conscious and absolute level

    no one needs to justify their sexual orientation, even if a guy ‘enjoys’ sex with a guy (keep in mind behavior can be acted or pretended as well), he has every possibility to really be ‘straight’ in the way he defines it (such as emotional/physical connection)

    and he certain has every right such belief since no one but him has access to his body and mind to say he’s ‘lying’ or ‘in denial’.

  5. Andrew says

    wow what a queen idiot! i must comment on oat lol. 1) behavior can be acted or pretended, but in the case of gay porn, the sex is ahhh REAL and the cocks are really hard and they are really cumming too! DUH. Television is acting, no one really gets shot on SVU law and order, however when one “acts” in gay porn, they are REALLY doing the sex, it is not simulated, the fucking and sucking is actually happening. 2) the “emotional” thing makes you gay not the sex is bullshit. You are going to tell a straight guy to his face that if he just has sex with women but does’nt fall in love with them, that he is not truly straight??? BS!!! It’s called emotionally COLD lol 3) actually the guys who are fucking the “straight” guy in porn has access to his body and mind because they have their cock all the way up the other guys ass! Down his throat and fucking his brains out too. So yeah …. gay porn stars are lying and in denial, if you believe otherwise then you are a loon.

  6. Chris says

    Well coming from someone who has had sex with Kurt on a audition I can honestly say he is full of shit when he says he is 100% straight. It was his idea to start fucking around when no cameras were shooting. And it was his idea to go back to his st Louis mo house while his wife and kids were at her parents. So whether he is bi or a closet case one thing is for sure. He’s a hot fuck.

  7. higgenbottom says

    Oh by the way he has a beautiful wife and kids, what more could a person want. He’s doing fine andloves taking pictures of nature.He is a pro at this.All I can say I’m glad I have him as a good friend

  8. luisin says

    It is funny how people are so afraid of bisexuality or how sexuality isn’t black or white. Is this where about a chick who only does lesbian pron but yet it is married and have kids, no one would even doubt her.

    As for Kurt, he openly does gay pron, why would he need a beard? If he is gay, why would he choose to have a wife? Geez. Let the man be whatever he wants to be and enjoy his work

  9. IKnowKW says

    I personally know Kurt Wild and he is totally straight, married and has 7 kids. Don’t question his past or future. If you don’t know him by his given name and have no idea of who, what, why or anything about the real person then keep your mouth shut.

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