Aaron James Fucks Kurt Wild (College Dudes 24/7)

Aaron James fucks Kurt Wild

I really enjoy the latest sex scene from COLLEGEDUDES247.COM (In fact, it’s one of my most anticipate scene partners). They paired up my favorite butt boy of the moment Kurt Wild with MTV True Life featured Aaron James who is known for fans as a hard fucker (whether he’s gay or straight). You can tell Kurt enjoys every minute his ass pounded hard by AJ.

And the best thing about this scene is Kurt was so into the fucking he came twice!

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Watch AJ fucks Kurt Wild at COLLEGEDUDES247.COM

Lately, Kurt Wild made a name for himself as one of a few porn star who has been double orgasms with hot loads of cum within just a few minutes apart. He came twice after getting fucked by Jackson Wild and Dak Ramsey for Hot House Backroom (click thumbnails for preview)

Dak Ramsey and Kurt Wild wake up with hard ons and eagerly help each other out. Get Wild With Kurt & Jackson - The Wild Boys Dillon Crow Has A Special Delivery For Jackson Wild In Head Hunters, Inc. Power-bottom C.J. Knight tops Ross Hurston in Scene 1 of Stark Naked!

Preview of other scene starring Kurt Wild

dankurt055a.jpg kurtrc033a.jpg kurtnathan036a.jpg bradkurt033a.jpg


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  1. ezio says

    Kurt wild is very cute but I must say he is a closeted homosexual, he is just
    Not willing to accept him self, and he uses money as an excuse to have sex
    With men

  2. says

    “Fuck me hard, fuck me hard, my cum, aaaah….” and then he says “I’m heterosexual” LOOOOL hahha. He seems very aroused by the other boy, I mean, xP

  3. Charlie says

    I’m sorry, but Kurt is one of the biggest moaners I’ve seen in gay porn, he’s a total slut. His ass shows how much dick he has taken.. He’s 100% gay.

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