Adam Richter & Konrad Richter – Double Czech: Twins In Lust

Watch out Peters Twins! There’s another set of “Porn Twins” in town. The Richter Twins Adam Richter and Konrad Richter are no stranger to controversy themselves, they had fucked each other in Double Czech 2009.

Now they are back in the latest Double Czech film from director William Higgins, Double Czech: Twins In Lust from Channel 1 Releasing.

Apparently Bel Ami model Ennio Guardi has become twins expert now. He had flip flop fucked with Milo & Elijah (Peters Twins) at Bel Ami Online and now he fucks The Richter Twins in Double Czech: Twins In Lust (he’s called Libor Kenda in this movie).

Synopsis: Identical twins Adam and Konrad Richter are back in the latest Double Czech film from director William Higgins. It’s a beautiful day in the verdant eastern european countryside and the brothers decide to take a picnic on a walk in the beautiful outdoors. Instead of eating a pack lunch they start nibbling on each other and their lust pushes them into a brotherly flip flop incestuous fuck. Amazingly built muscle stud Rudolf Schneider discovers them taking sunbathing in the nude! The twins help oil up his entire body including his thick uncut cock. Rudolf impales them both with a long two headed dildo he brought with him before power fucking them. Stopping at a farm for a quick rinse, the twins meet hot farmboy Thomas Dyk. Thomas can’t keep his mouth off of them as he alternates between sucking their cocks and eating their holes before he train fucks one twin while he fucks his brother. The grapes are in season at Milan Jusko’s vineyard and the brothers delight in eating them off his ripped body. Both twins receive a rough ass slapping fuck as Milan pounds their tight holes. The movie culiminates with a hot foursome as the twins are joined by Libor Kenda and Dlouhan. Both twins are fucked in unison by the studs before the final messy cumshot that leaves them sticky and spent.

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  1. Von Schlomo says

    Unlike the Peters Twins who bareback for George Duroy on Bel Ami Online, the Richter Twins will be using condoms, at least for William Higgins. Personally, neither set do anything for me, but the Peters seem to be a couple notches above the Richters in looks and charisma, tho I’m certain they wouldn’t even be discussed if they were not identical twins. Ennio Guardi is surely a butter face.

  2. Jeff says

    can’t wait to see this movie ! these twins are real sluts and that’s what good porn should show us

  3. manonman says

    So agree, Jeff. Toys, brawn and twink twins, double dildo in the sunshine.
    Just when we thought Wm Higgins was getting tired he comes up with this hot, hot voyage to a place not often seen.

  4. Scott says

    Seems like a lot of people don’t like the Peters twins’ look. These things are subjective, of course, but I think they at least have nice physiques. I don’t find anything attractive, tho, about these Richter boys. If they’re sexually enthusiastic b4 the camera, tho, that makes up for a lot.

  5. Luca says

    I have to agree that I don’t find these twins, or many of the guys William Higgins uses all that attractive. After living all over the world I know why the make so much porno in California, the guys are so much hotter there! Rudolf Schneider is the exception, very mucular and handsome, but the guy is a bottom. He’s not a good top at all. Why do they make guys who are obviously better suited for bottoms attempt to be tops? He also seems to have aged ten years since his last video. I’d love to Rudolf Schneider get fucked, even by one of William Higgins’ stable of awkward looking tinks.

  6. Terry says

    Everybody seems to diss Ennio. Ennio’s no Jan Dvorak, Tommy Hansen or Dolph Lambert but I still like him. I did, however, liked him better when he first started. Back when he had a fitness model body instead of his current ‘roided body.

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