Behind The Scenes with Bel Ami Gay Porn Stars Mick Lovell, Kris Evans, Kevin Warhol, Dolph Lambert and Phillipe Gaudin

Guys! It’s less than 2 hours until Bel Ami’s first live chat show with Mick Lovell at 8pm Central European Time / 2PM EST, free for members of BELAMIONLINE.COM.

And I just found this very special treat for you – some behind the scenes pictures of Bel Ami porn stars Mick Lovell, Kris Evans, Kevin Warhol, Dolph Lambert and Phillipe Gaudin.

This is what Kris Evans looks like in the morning 😉 His firm pecs look amazing too!

Phillipe Gaudin and Kevin Warhol having fun this morning

Dolph Lambert looks kinda serious in the morning…


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  1. adidas28 says

    The newbies are kind of meh, but Mick and Dolph are looking fine…and, damn, Kris keeps looking hotter and hotter. So effing gorgeous. He’s a fuck god.

  2. dio says

    all 3 of them ‘newbies’ look familiar, esp. Gino Mosca. Hmm! LOL Kris Evans looks good here, but I’m not sure I’m feeling the Bob’s Big Boy du. x-D

  3. S. says

    The last guy looks like the kid who does the tech segments on the Marilyn Denis show (and those who watch that show know what I’m talking about).

  4. JonnyD says

    Mick, Chris and Dolph are AMAZING hot. Belami is doing something really good. Hard to pick which one is the hottest :)

  5. clark says

    It would be hot to see Kris with one of my all time favorite Bel Ami guys — Tim Hamilton. They just don’t make em like that anymore 😉

  6. Peter says

    OMG how cute is that Gino Mosca!!!

    And Mick and Kevin need to do a scene STAT! despite kevin’s tattoo, i still think he is cute and Mick is just sooo dreamy!!! have i said that in all the posts about Mick? yeah ill say it again.

  7. Ben says

    I see nothing appealing about Mick. Never understood why you all go so crazy about him. He’s more odd-looking than attractive. Seems totally arrogant.

  8. Ed says

    Kris Evans and Dolph Lambert are amazingly handsome! Why haven’t we heard anything about Trevor Yates lately, not only handsome, but so very well endowed!

  9. JonnyD says

    Mike is just the most gorgeous guy I have seen in years in gay porn. The older he get, the hotter he will get. :)

  10. Ben says

    Fuck! Are Kris Evans’ and Dolph Lambert’s cocks really as big as they look on the first page of the Bel Ami website?!!!

  11. nynycollector says

    I am in love with Mick. the blue eyes, the ability to give hotter oral sex than a lot of the other BA boys. Even his feet (and Im not into feet) are great in his scenes, like the one with Vadim. BUT, the hottest is the sound of guys fucking Mick. I LOVE the suction cound of Vadim’s cock entering and leaving his ass. Kudos to the BA team!

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