Bel Ami Legend Lukas Ridgeston: Now and Then

Bel Ami Model Lukas Ridgeston

I found this picture gallery of Bel Ami Legendary porn star Lukas Ridgeston taken from the MiniCooper Fan Club meeting in Zvolen, Slovakia in June 2008 on The Boys from BelAmi Archive (some photos from RJ Danvers Blog). Lukas is a big enthusiast of Mini Cooper (Isn’t it the kind of car he drove in Lucky Lukas?) and recently won a competition for tuning. He looks more beautiful than ever!

+ Recent Photo Gallery of Lukas Ridgeston

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Lukas In Love Trailer

Lucky Lukas Trailer


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    Lukas Ridgeston will be 40 next year (2013) and he retains all the chraisma of his videos when he was 18. If possible, he is also sexier and more handsome. There is an update on Lukas and his work for BelAmi in an interview done in 2011 at the BelAmi Bratislava office and NEW pics of Lukas wakeboarding near his home in Bratislava, Slovakia, posted at the site Lukas is producing, directing and editing his own Lukas Ridgeston line of videos which are distributed through BelAmi. The blue-eyed boy has made his career with George Duroy’s BelAmi and is highly successful in his work. It’s nice to see that he takes time off for the Mini Cooper Rallies and hobbies. Especially since they keep him so very very fit!

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