Bel Ami Releases The Elijah & Milo Peters Twins Sex Video


Whether you like it or hate it, BEL AMI debuts its most controversial video to date as an early Christmas gift for waiting fans. Perfect-abs Bel Ami twins, Elijah and Milo Peters fuck each other bareback in the newest video from BELAMIONLINE.COM

If you are offended by it, don’t scroll down and just ignore this blog post.















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  1. Terry says

    I think it’s kinda hot. However, thinking of two brothers is a little weird, but the twins are kinda more of a curious spot for me and it’s pretty hot truth be told. I don’t think it damages anybody or the gay causes especially since the conservatives make enough crazy arguments when they don’t know about these twins!

  2. jeff says

    I agree with the sentiment wrong, but so so so fucking hot! It’s like a lot of pron. Would probably never do it, but sure is fun to watch. Like take a dick in my mouth straight from my ass or any other ass.
    Why on earth do homophobes get on these sites and preach!? Those are some true sick in the closet fucks I fell sorry for. So deep in the closet they can’t even enjoy good gay pron on the net.

  3. Carl says

    You’ve got a customer that revealed that he’s 14 and you didn’t remove it!
    I was curious about this and now I’ve seen it.
    It’s weird and kind-of funny.
    They’re both very attractive…and perverse.
    If I was aroused, I’d be somewhat perverse as well.
    But, well…it’s PORNO…!
    I’ve seen things that repelled me horribly…this is just …well…it’s unique..
    All you pervs have a good time!
    But just picture their parents discovering that they did this!

  4. Lago says

    Cleopatra married both of her brothers and yet we still find her awesome.

    Incest was ok for a LONG time in history, way longer than the time it’s been taboo.

    So lay the fuck off already. Nobody’s telling you to fuck your brother, but if someone else wants to, it’s none of our damn business.

  5. drew says

    all those quoting the bible and such, it porn and you are watching it…lol get a grip. stop trying to make it something it is not. their body’s their choice. end of story

  6. gil says

    omg shut up “christian conservatives”, stop judging people for doing harmless things. this doesn’t harm anyone, for god’s sake. contrary to rape and pedophilia. and if you’re all so moralist why the hell are you watching porn?

  7. JustMe says

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. And if some people don’t like it, why on earth have they seen it at all? It’s loving your brother in a special, deep way, and I think it’s beautiful. I thank them for sharing it with us. I wish I had a brother I could make love with.

  8. Kevin Aames says

    Until two guys can make a baby there is no scientific or moral reason that male twins should not have sex.

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