BOBBY CLARK’s First Time Bottoming Scene (CockyBoys)

Young porn star Bobby Clark bottoms for MJ

Here’s another HOTTIE with a killer smile who should do more sex scenes. BOBBY CLARK is the quintessential all American boy. He’s 23 years old, stands 5’10” and he stars in Kristofer Weston’s next Buckshot sexstravaganza due out later this year. For website, Bobby is CockyBoys Exclusive who did one anal scene fucking Marc Cody. And this time, it’s Bobby Clark’s first time taking a dick in his ass and it’s a beautiful sight. Check out the expression on Bobby’s face as he gets fucked – you’d think he’d had enough but his hard cock says otherwise.

+ Bobby Clark Getting Fucked by MJ Taylor Preview

+ Bobby Clark Getting Fucked by MJ Taylor Trailer

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  1. Nobara Jones says

    First of all…that Buckshot promotional shot is AMAZING…what movie is THAT?!!?! Need it!

    Second of all….FINALLY!!! About time…this cutie should have been impaled a long time ago!

    Third…anyone else jones on the fact that in addition to being super hot…he’s a little soft around the midsection! I find it endearingly REAL!

  2. DeliriousDutch says

    I read somewhere the Buckshot movie will be called Boy Country…Bobby’s also hot in Shane’s World Key West Vacation

  3. says

    15 March 2012: Thursday. Hello Bobby Clark. You can do anything you want to do now. Please yourself & try to play safe my friend. You are an outstanding 5 star actor!! A beautiful young man. I support your planned retirement & wish you the very best. You have a loyal friend & fan, here in Riverside Co. Calif. When ever you are in the L.A area, you will always have an open door & big welcome @ my home for as long as you like. We all get burn-out & we have to slow down & find out what works best for each one of us. When you need some good old TLC just fly down & I ll give you a fantasic back-rub that will melt all of your stress away!!! Please be strong & remember you have a loyal & loving friend here in CA. Very Warm Regards Daddy Charles.

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