BodyBuilder Braden Finally Gets FUCKED!

Alex fucks Braden


Randy Blue note: When I first started working with Braden I never knew that this very quiet north eastern jock would become such a sexual powerhouse! I thought he would do his solo and that would pretty much be it. Once again I was proved wrong. Braden and I have worked on several shoots by now and I can honestly say the guy gets better with each shoot. Watching Braden come from being this almost shy guy to this beautiful man with muscles who can fuck like there is no tomorrow has given him the nick name “Tank”. The guy never tires and always give it his all. Alex on the other hand, was always talkative always asking lots of questions. When Alex is there you love to hang out with him and talk. From the moment these two met they have really gotten along well. I first put them both with Chris Rockway for a 3 way oral scene last year. It was something just short of amazing. All those ripped muscles, big cocks and wet mouths were enough to send most of you running home for some alone time in front of your computers. This time I wanted it to just be Alex and Braden and i wanted Braden to bottom. I can’t even begin to tell you how uncomfortable I was bringing up the whole idea to him.I was beating around the bush way too much when Braden just looked at me and grinned and said, “Just ask me!” Well I did and to my surprise Braden was a go. His only request was the Alex be the top and since that fit in with my original idea was very happy! Braden was concerned with at with all his bulk he needed a guy as big or bigger then him and lets face it Alex is one big stud. The scene starts with some oral back and forth and pretty soon Alex is slipping his big cock in Braden’s tight muscle ass! The fucking is incredibly hot and neither Alex or Braden hold back. It is obvious these two have gotten very comfortable around each other and I am sure we have to throw some one else into the mix next time!

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