Double Feature: Big Dick Trevor Knight Fucks And Gets Fucked

Yesterday, two porn sites SUITE 703 and ON THE HUNT released new videos starring Trevor Knight. And he bottoms in one of them which is quite rare for this huge cock porn star.

Trevor Knight fucks Gianni Luca in the Men Hard At Work section of SUITE 703 website and he gets fucked by Jayden Grey at ONTHEHUNT.COM

+ Trevor Knight fucks Gianni Luca



+ Trevor Knight Movie List

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  1. Tate says

    Actually, Trevor Hunt has bottomed on film at least twice. Once with Shane Rollins and another time with Kent Larson. I’m sure, by now, this has already been pointed out to On the Hunt. Their site continues to promote this as a “first time bottoming” event.

    We will see how long On the Hunt will mislead people by promoting this. And how did Queermenow miss this? Hopefully, queermenow will correct their story and admonish OTH for sending them misleading information.

  2. tom in portland says

    Trevor Knight has bottomed in at least a half dozen DVDs. Studio 2000 marketed him as a “versatile” performer. See, for example, The Seeker and Campout. There is nothing rare or unusual about him bottoming, and the On the Hunt website is simply not telling the truth when they claim this is is first time bottoming “on camera”. I wish blogs like this would not just repeat the commercial website’s false hype.

  3. says

    @Tate and tom in portland. I wrote that Trevor Knight bottoming is “QUITE RARE” since he mostly top. I didn’t promote it as a first time bottoming event.

    I can’t do anything with OTH story but I didn’t copy OTH commercial as I usually do with other sites.

  4. Kurt says

    Hmmm. Probably not a good idea. A lot of porn fans buy into the macho bullshit that a “real” man = exclusive top.

  5. alex says

    “Hmmm. Probably not a good idea. A lot of porn fans buy into the macho bullshit that a “real” man = exclusive top.”

    Maybe, but I a good top should be able to bottom occasionally without losing his machismo. It’s only exclusive bottoms whom lose points there. Frankly, I think an exclusive top is too much of a pansy to bottom on screen — and it’s obvious that some of these guys have holes that have seen more traffic than Grand Central Station. Are consumers that easily fooled?!!!

  6. Von Schlomo says

    I agree with Alex. I’m sure there are some guys out there that are unable to enjoy any part of bottoming, but I think most “all tops” either haven’t tried anything anally erotic or they haven’t tried hard enough. I think you can best understand the job of topping by bottoming. As for porn, well, guys who only top get boring pretty fast. There are ways exclusive tops can keep the viewer interested over dozens and dozens, years and years of only topping, but he’s going to have to work pretty hard at it. Most don’t.

  7. Skeptic says

    B: Would you sleep with me for $1 million?
    A: Hm… Sure.
    B: Would you sleep with me for $200?
    A: What do you think I am? A whore?
    B: That is already settled. Now, I am just negotiating the price.

    All men have sex for money will get fucked. It’s only a matter of ‘for how much?’

  8. Reid says

    I really love seeing Trevor Knight porno videos.His such a hot guy i love his voice.His at his best being a top.Seeing him being a bottom was not hot at all.He just looked like he didn’t like it and wanted to just to get it over with.I kinda laughed at it other then get horny seeing it.

  9. Manuel says

    Me encanta ver a Trevor bien empalado, sentir su ano bien estirado y su culo bien abierto, por una polla potente que sepa follarle con fuerza.

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