Dato Foland & Damien Crosse DP Donato Reyes in Hotel X Part 4

Handsome porn star Dato Foland is the main star of Men.com’s hot porn series “Hotel X,” you’ve seen him fucked Jay Roberts in Part 1, flip-fucked with Abraham Al Malek in Part 2 and topped Tony Rivera in Part 3.

The series Hotel X ends with a bang in Part 4 with a hot threesome between real-life boyfriends Dato Foland and Damien Crosse with Spanish stud Donato Reyes. Damien fucks both Dato and Donato and the highlight of the scene is definitely when Donato Reyes gets double penetrated by Damien Crosse and Dato Foland!

+ Hotel X Part 4: Damien Crosse, Dato Foland and Donato Reyes 3-Way



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  1. fred says

    foland is hot so is donato, damien could be hot but he’s become a caritcature of himself with that all-time agressive look on his face, looks like my neighbours dog when he is angry, why does he do that?

  2. manu says

    Beautiful men 😀
    I prefer Donato with his mustache.
    Dato and Damien are perfect, thsi should be a very hot scene like the previous Hotel X videos 😉 Probably more intense because they don’t have any shy performer in this one

  3. George says

    Why ruin such a hot scene with creepy bareback sex? Damien does have a wild man face but is extremely horny and hot. He’s lasted a long time in the biz and done well for yimself – I remember his debut stuff for Titan like Breathless, Hitch and Copshack around 2006!

  4. sam says

    For me what I like about Dato is while he cum… The sound while he cum me sooo horny as he sound like want to hiccup or like can breeth… Maybe sound silly but that what I like about Dato… In this its more geat if all star getfucked… I know its about Dato but I also like this couple fucked each other and please no bareback…

  5. says

    Great movie.. next time make them wear suits and let them stay with tie and long Spanish sheer socks on from beginning to end. Dato dis not shoot enough cum in this scene…he needs more hydration and sex stimulation.

  6. sxg says

    This looks like a pretty hot scene! Is this Donato’s first time getting DPd on camera, because I know he’s done some KB scenes and usually Bjorn loves to do DP scenes.

    Also, I too miss Donato’s mustache, because he just does not look right without it while having that haircut. Facial hair in general for Donato is a big plus for me.

  7. andrew says

    Smokin hot scene. I especially like Men.Com because they show us that sex with condoms can be hot, sweaty guy on guy sex.

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