FOLSOM STREET FAIR 2011 Photos / Videos Roundup

As I usually do every year, below are my list of links to hardcore photos and videos from FOLSOM STREET FAIR 2011 held is San Francisco last weekend. You can see many hot gay porn stars at NAKEDSWORD, NEXT DOOR STUDIOS, TITAN, BOUNDJOCKS, KINK booths etc.

My favorite picture is the one above, Samuel Colt playing Naked Twister from Tamara’s Guiltily Pleasured blog.

The men of TITAN press the flesh with their fans.

BOUNDJOCKS.COM Booth at This Year’s Folsom Street Fair – Knotty Brent ties up Casey Williams as Nate Karlton meets and greets the onlookers.FIRST FOLSOM! of The Maverick Men

Making Porn Movie during Folsom Fair-2011 [via Dudetube]

FOLSOM STREET FAIR with Gay Club TV 2011.

Folsom Fair -2011- Pics and Clips [sfnastyboy]


+ Folsom Street Fair 2011 | Falcon/Raging Stallion Party at Mezzanine [Tball]

+ Raging Stallion / Falcon Man of the Year Party | Gus Presents NakedSword’s Ringmaster | NakedSword’s Ringmaster – People [Marques Daniels Photography]

+ Samuel Colt Wins at Naked Twister At Folsom Street Fair [Guiltily Pleasured]

+ OH HAI FOLSOM | Naked Sword’s Ringmasters [Rolling Blackouts]

+ Playspace Grand Opening | More Playspace Highlights [Work in Progress]

+ Porn Stars at Folsom 2011 [Queer Porn Nation]

+ Folsom Street Fair: The Pics We Couldn’t Post Anywhere Else | San Francisco, CA – Folsom Street Fair 2011 [Man Hunt]

+ Treasure Island Media Vs. Folsom Street Fair | At Least One Folsom Picture That Isn’t Nauseating [The Sword]

+ Folsom Street Fair 2011 – What Happened To You? [Gay Porn Dirt]

+ Folsom Street Fair 2011, in Pictures [Le Fag]

+ Oops I Only Took One Photo At The Folsom Street Fair [Gay Porn Blog]

+ Folsom Madness | More Folsom Madness [Dean Monroe]

+ Folsom 2011 (#1) | Folsom 2011 (#2) [Richard’s Facebook]

+ Folsom Fair, iPhones and The Heart Lock [Jeremy Feist]

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  1. Luca says

    Absolutely no place on earth, especially for gay men, like San Francisco. And the Folsom Street Fair is everything and much more than you would expect it to be.

  2. Asenath says

    Marko – That would be Jesse Santana. He started his career in 06, as a fey young twink on Corbin Fisher and has turned into a filthy, tattoed delight in the subsequent years.

  3. Jay says

    I guess I am the wet blanket, but I am just wondering when are the whiney gay white guys bitching about wanting marriage equality are going to figure out that things like Folsom do not help their case. Me personally, I couldn’t give a flying goat shit about marriage OR Folsom….but that doesn’t mean I cannot see how it ultimately works against those of you wanting to force the state to give you the privilege to get married and be seen as no different than anyone else.

  4. Matias says

    I like the open minded atmosphere, guys for everyone’s taste. My fav has been for a long time F Sagat. He still looks hot, but there are many others as well.
    Hopefully someday I’ll be able to travel to SF during FSF.

  5. RawSlut says

    Sorry, but this doesn´t do anything for me. Some of the pics of people that shouldn´t be naked looked gross and pathetic!

  6. Rocco says

    @Jay – by that logic spring break – bike rallys(sturgis) – lave havasu- nude beaches- topless pools in vegas- all nightclubs- booze cruises- straight porn(AVN)- Swingstock… should be cancelled!

    Straight people put up a homogenous facade of – but they have freaky sex and buy and look at porn on the internet like everyone else. AVN/Adult Expo in Vegas is 10,000 times larger than the (Gayvn/IML/Cybersocket) combined!

    Adult bookstore, arcades, truckstops, rest areas, parks… are full of married guys that would rather risk going to jail than to be open about their desires/curiosities!

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