Harley aka Simon Dexter’s Last Sex Scene with Sean Cody?

Sean Cody muscle model Matt fucks Harley

According to SEANCODY.COM: Fan-favorite model Harley has been busy working on his “conventional” modeling career and, believe it or not, he’s been trying to break into the music world as well. Plus he’s itching to do straight porn and make it big there. So he and Sean decided that this would be his last film with the website. And Sean Cody picked Matt, one of his top studs give Harley one last good fucking!

Whether Harley (aka Simon Dexter) will leave gay porn for good or not, you can follow him at Simon Dexter blog and twitter.

Sean Cody muscle model Matt fucks Harley

Sean Cody muscle model Matt fucks Harley

Sean Cody muscle model Matt fucks Harley

Sean Cody muscle model Matt fucks Harley

Sean Cody muscle model Matt fucks Harley


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  1. Chris says

    It says on his twitter that if we wanted him back on SC to send emails to the site requesting to see him more – I guess SC tossed him out because he’s trying to go commercial/do other endeavors at the same time?

  2. tom in portland says

    Really stupid casting for Harley’s “final” scene–matt, tradey as hell, won’t rim Harley and won’t even touch Harley’s cock.

  3. dre says

    I think it was money, SC won’t pay more so he is making a reason to leave.

    Like any legitimate record company or modeling agency would hire him.

    Yep, folks the fastest track to being a musician is through porn.

  4. Beto says

    Hmm. Tom has a point. I don’t think either one of these guys so much as even suck dick. So, does this scene have any foreplay at all?
    @Dre: Simon seems to be doing plenty of mainstream modeling, and for that matter what makes porn modeling any less legit? Fringe, yes. Unconventional, yes. Illegitimate, not so much. I sort of half-agree on the musician bit, but Colton Ford seems to be doing alright despite some struggles.

  5. GOB says

    Hey GerardButler, I looked at the video again, JUST to see what kind of jeans Harley has on and they are from Armani Exchange(AX).
    Also, the top guy Matt, does not suck dick or eat ass. He barely touches his scene partners. Harley ONLY eats ass, and it took him a long time to build up to that while at seancody.

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