[Hot Video] Frat Jock Gets His Bubble Butt Fisted

Bubble butt Frat Jock gets fisted

Usually, I’m not into fisting at all. The whole idea simply scare the shit out of me. And the models they used in fisting videos are not my type. But, everything is changed when I saw this video. It’s rare to see a jock type in fisting scene. But that jock is incredibly HOT and his bubble butt look just perfect for fisting!

Check it out!

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  1. says

    Hey this is my friend & yes he is georgeous, if you like this you will love his DVD … he is an amazing looking guy & a sweetheart as well.
    go check out the http://www.fratjockfist.com site.
    as i understand it, this is the only kind of fisting movie ever made with with jocks & the movie is amazing & well made, straight into the action, no story to wait though & amazing looking guys.
    I got mine & I’m not really into fisting, but Brad is just so hot i dont think it would matter what he was doing, he would still turn every guy in the room on. Gotta love him!!!

  2. Nolan Kerr says

    I just keep coming back to this clip. Can’t get enough of it. Amazingly hot– It’s purely erotic without the seediness of the typical older men into leather and ooze that you usually get with fisting. I’m an older guy and have not been interested in fisting– but this video might help me open up– uh,– some new horizons…

  3. Nolan Kerr says

    I just received the video from Brad. Amazing. The whole hour has the same feel of intense, hypnotic love-making. Brad literally turns fisting into an expression of intimacy and love. I wouldn’t have thought it possible.

  4. says

    Bulgarian language: ????????? ?????, ??????? ! ????? ??? ?????? ?????? ???? ? ??????? ????! ????? :-)

    English language:
    Great scene guys! I rarely seen such a thing with beautiful men! Super :-)

  5. Matt says

    What they should do is dress up like doctor/patient and post that video as an example of a prostate exam… and really scare all those homophobe sissies that cant even handle one finger.

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