I Got A Fever! Quentin Elias or Q on Randy Blue

Quentin Elias

Finding this interview on OHLALA Mag. I think it’s OK for me to post about Quentin Elias caused everyone knows by now that he’s Q on RANDYBLUE.COM But the point is I have this song stuck in my head for awhile now, Quentin EliasFever. Can you imagine how excited when I saw him on Randy Blue’s website?

I didn’t blog about him caused Jeremy made it clear how bad it is to reveal model’s real name.

Quentin told OHLALA Mag he was not disappointed working on the set of Randy Blue’s (he even mentioned the amazing job of Jeremy and Taz himself)

Today I decided to post this cause I think everyone already knows about it and I want you to listen to his music after watching his porn, especially this song FEVER.

Quentin Elias
Quentin Elias

+ For more MUSIC –> Quentin Elias MySpace / Last.fm


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  1. says

    In this case it is totally OK! I mean I think that it was the point for him to do it…

    I actually really like his song Fever! He was really fun to photograph; a really sweet guy!!

  2. says

    Don’t worry! It’s fine in this case, absolutely!
    Is Quentin Elias his real name anyway? You know he was in a boyband in France in the 90s? the band was called alliage and his name was Quentin Elias back then. I think it’s a stage name too!

  3. Mikey says

    “He jerks his cock far better than he can sing.” I fucking hope so!

    What a joke. I will never understand the need talentless gay porn actors and prostitutes have to become singers and belch their horrible voices out for all the world to hear. Would you buy any of his songs or play them on your iPod? No. Would pay him his going rate on Rentboy dot com of $500 an hour for a blow job? Absolutlely! Stick to sex sausauge lips.

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