Introducing Ricky Roman, Watch Him Flip Fucks With Austin Wilde

He’s such a cutie! COCKYBOYS.COM released the first sex scene of this sexy newcomer Ricky Roman today. You can also follow his porn journey on Twitter @Ricky_Roman91.

In his porn debut, Ricky Roman and Austin Wilde take turns fucking each other.

When Austin Wilde stuffed Ricky’s hole from behind, Ricky had no idea how much his horse-dick would hurt (in the best way possible of course)…. Austin pushed Ricky up against the window and fucked his brains out for all the city to see. From the look on Ricky’s face, you can tell that horse dick had to hurt like hell. With that much slamming and pounding, I have to say Austin’s mission of breaking Ricky in was DEFINITELY accomplished!

+ Austin Wilde Flip-Fucks Ricky Roman


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  1. sxg says

    wow he’s hot, but not a fan of the nose ring. a nose stud would look way better for him.

    also, is it just me or are the articles appearing out of order lately? I don’t remember seeing this when the chris wide story came out, and this is now listed before it.

  2. Anthony Johnson says

    How come extremely too often when there’s a black guy fucking a white guy – the descriptions use words like “horse cock”, “monster dick”, “monsterous” etc. In this case (and plenty of others) as seen in the photos the two guys have about the same size cock. As if having sex with a black guy is somehow animal related – I guess it is just another example of gay racism.

  3. IrishBoy says

    @Anthony – can’t tell if you’re intentionally trolling or not, but it’s obviously just a play on the stereotype that black guys have bigger dicks.

  4. says

    Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t get it why is Austin-Wilde fucking another guy who look similar to his boyfriend Anthony.If you put Anthony and Ricky side by side they would look kind of a like or maybe it just me thinking that way.But yet I can’t help but to think how much Ricky and Anthony favor—-Speaking for my self I like it when gay men of difference races fuck with each other.I believe in that old saying Variety is the spice of life amen to that? No matter how big each other cocks are it make s no difference to me because I’m not hung up on dick size like some gay men are no matter what size cock your born with.

  5. sxg says

    He’s probably doing a scene with him because Austin wants to know what it would be like to have sex with Anthony if he had foreskin lol. Austin loves foreskin.

  6. Andrés says

    Gaylord what a whole load of crap. They are 2 fair-skinned hispanic men, that does not make them twins. There is variety among ethnic men of the same race, we don’t all look the same, even if apparently to you we do. If Austin were dating a blond guy and decided to fuck another blondie on camera, you would never have made such a dumbass comment about them ‘looking alike’.

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