Jean Franko Fucks Tiko & MEN AT PLAY Model Search

gay porn star Jean Franko in suit fucks Tiko

This summer, leading UK adult website MENATPLAY.COM will be relaunching with a brand new look and the search is now on for an Exclusive Star to become the new face of Men At Play. Find out more detail at Men at Play Model Search.

Tiko may have arrived to MAP headquarters looking like the hot new guy on the block. But his aloof personality didnt go down well among the other guys, especially with the likes of Jean Franko who always gets what he wants, when he wants. And in this case he wants Tiko’s ass, bad! So when he finally gets his hands on him there is no stopping him until he has torn of his entire suit with his bare hands and his hungrily pounding him in the office storeroom.

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  1. ManU says

    the video was ok but I don’t see how you can call it “forced ” with a guy on roïds who has a tatoo coming out of his buttcrack , he really seemed to consent 😉
    More of Jean Franko’s butt please!! We don’t even get to see it in the video as he remains dressed all the way through .

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