Jet Set Men JASON Was Dominic Ford Model KAY

Jet Set Men JASON Dominic Ford Model KAY new gay porn star getting fucked

In my previous post, Fresh Faces Gay Porn Newcumers You Will Wank To, a photo of muscular guy with a sexy smile Jason from Jet Set Men stands out for me and I was waiting for his debut in Jet Set Straight Edge as director Chris Steele wrote in his tweet.

Thanks to my eagle-eyed reader Jojo who posted this comment stated that this hunky new guy is not that “new” to gay porn. “He has already been on DOMINICFORD.COM (The first 3D Gay Porn Site) and has done 2 movies and one in which he gets fucked! On the site he goes under the name Kay.” Looks like we just got another fuckable muscled gay porn star!

Good job Jojo! Now I have something to wank to while I wait for his Jet Set videos 😉

muscular new gay porn star Jet Set Men JASON Dominic Ford Model KAY

LOL! He wears the same shorts and same wristband in both Chris Steele‘s photo and Dominic Ford’s porn shoot!

muscular new gay porn star Jet Set Men JASON Dominic Ford Model KAY

muscular new gay porn star Jet Set Men JASON Dominic Ford Model KAY

muscular new gay porn star Jet Set Men JASON Dominic Ford Model KAY

Description from DOMINICFORD.COM: Kay is a straight hot muscle boy from California. He came in for a couple of days and shot some scenes with us. I love his cocky attitude. I asked him if had a girlfriend and he said he had a couple — one on each coast. lol.


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  1. studyholic says

    Kay is straight and I know I tend to have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about straight men in gay porn. However, Kay has such a nice, warm, almost mischievous smile and bright, gentle, playful, wide brown eyes. What I really like about Kay is his wide, strong, stallion-like hips. I’d have a cocoa-tongue for days after plunging it deep between his strong, oxen buttocks over and over again, housecleaning his massive muscle-boy ass…Perhaps the chip on my shoulder is cracking…

  2. says

    Also, this may seem like a strange thing to say but the furniture and decor in gay porn really affects my sense of the hotness in a scene. While I love the nicely modern brown suede/leather couch, I didn’t like the lube stain (or some other kinda stain) on the periwinkle blue sheet that they laid down over the couch while Kay was getting fucked. Art direction and decor actually makes the difference, even in the homemade, down-home, thrifty world of online porn.

  3. Wassup ! says

    The guy is straight … YEAH RIGHT … WTF ? ? ?… why being so ridiculous … come on guys … the guys is obviously gay or at least bisexual … A REAL straight guy wouldn’t do gay porn or GETTING FUCKED by another guy even for money … this is getting ridiculous with all the gay for pay thing or the Yeah i’m a 100% straight guy but I do gay porn … COME ON … COME OUT OF THE CLOSET ALREADY AND STOP PRETENDING YOUR STRAIGHT … WHERE IN 2009 … God, this make me so mad … All those fake straight guy … my gay friend is more straight then you r lolll ! Thx QMN for letting me expressing myself and tell to those fake straight guy what they should REALLY hear … Who think i’m right ? ? ? ? ? ?

  4. says

    yeah, I agree with u [wassup!], even lil bit extreme, I never believe that in this world there are bi, I think somebody who confesses that he’s bi, he must be having one stronger feeling than the other, just to men or just to women…
    But, [wassup!], don’t be so angry, let them act like that, they dishonest is their problem…to be afraid to goo out from their CLOSET…
    anyway, QMN, u’re wonderful…I’ll always check u first while I connecting to the net, hope u always give us a totally-HOT-update like this….
    Last, yes, I also waiting for Jason in new Jet Set Movie, do u wanna bet, will he give a dick or take a dick?? Hahaha, I am really happy if he takes a dick, pounding his ass…..

  5. studyholic says

    riend. Truth be told: I broke up with my girlf at my college 5 months ago and everyone but one guy (because we messed around) thinks I’m straight. I even enjoyed the sex with my girlfriend (she transferred). But something in me wants to focus on guys sexually. I think our sexualities are far more varied than the sex norms thrust upon us (be those norms gay or straight). (I’m beginning to think that my real sexuality is more visual than physical: I just like to watch; hence, my obsession with porn.) What usually worries me about so called “straight” men in gay porn is that their claim to straightness subtly tells gay guys in my age group (18-25) that being straight is better and you can still make money off of gays. I find this to be regrettable. I also can tell when unenthusiastic straight guys have sex on camera: it shows. Kay (the model in this post) had major erection troubles in his scenes but he’s so beautiful physically. In conclusion: I agree with Wassup & Dawsonbigfan but only to a point. We must allow guys to come to terms with the larger problem: persistent homophobia and compulsory heterosexuality. These larger biases are the poisons that make a guy proclaim straightness while being popped in the ass. It’s hard to get over internalized homophobia. It takes time even for guys who have sex on camera. America (and every other country) is homophobic. Gays have less rights than others. This colors our minds. Yes, it’s hard to confront our own society-dictated internalized homophobia. I’d be out, proud, and going to gay clubs if I had gotten over it! Instead I’m masturbating furtively online, ducking and hiding from my family in a strange American city with a 2-bit summer job…

  6. Southwestern Guy says

    I agree w/Wassup. It’s bullshit to call guys who have sex with guys straight! Read Kinsey and the Kinsey scale from 0 (totally stright) to 6 (totally gay)! These dudes are at least a one or two, not zeros (totally straight).

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