Kurt Lockwood & Evan Grey Flip Fuck in Bisexual Scene

Kurt Lockwod Evan Grey Bisexual Flip Fuck

It has been 6 months since I reported “Str8 Porn Star Kurt Lockwood Appears in 1st Bisexual Male Scene” Now, I don’t have to wait any longer because Club Hancock just released Kurt, India & Evan video. It’s the first bisexual scene for both straight porn star Kurt Lockwood and gay porn star Evan Grey and they take turn fucking each other in the ass!

About Kurt’s co-star, my new porn star to look forward to in 2008, Evan Grey, This stud used the name Evan Grey on RANDYBLUE.COM and Hancock Studios. Falcon Studios called him Hayden Stephens, he tops Tory Mason in the movie OVERTIME. Oh, and Jake Cruise called him Seth Sweet. This guy has 3 different porn names.

+ XXX Preview Kurt & Evan Flip Fuck


Seth Sweet Solo from JAKECRUISE.COM

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  1. says

    It’s amazing how someone who had in the past slashed out at the gay community, and now he is doing those same acts that he so diligently ridiucled gays for can you say DENIAL!!!. Nonetheless, I have always thought he had an ASS that was made for fucking…

  2. TruthSayer says

    ^^^ That’s complete bullshit. He NEVER said anything disparaging about gays. That was all made up from that idiot blogger Gran Ponante who posted constantly negative things about him until Kurt beat him up. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if that is Grant above who posted that. Don’t believe everything that you read on the web people! Christ, some people like jw are such little gossipy queens! Who cares! He’s Hott!

  3. donna says

    I guess this is the ‘end’ no bun intended of his ‘carear’ ahem no bum intended haha

    I thought he was so sexy and he just looks so puffy and ‘bent’ out of shape. lol


    and yes he has already mentioned he would never do or get done by another guy!!!!!!!!!!!

    he looks totally wasted, poor guy, how low?!

  4. BiGuyLovingGirl says

    Donna ^^^ is an fucking idiot. (If it’s really a girl at all). Kurt Lockwood is ffnn hott in this scene! I love his tatts and his muscles and his beautiful face. And where did Kurt say did he would never do or get done by another guy? Never! Shit talkers like “Donna” love to sling mud but offer no link to back up their b.s.! I LOVE bisexual porn and I think this is the hottest scene I’ve ever scene of it! I’m a swimsuit model and I would have hot kinky bisexual sex with Kurt any day!

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