MARC DYLAN Bottoms For Christian Wilde & The Rock This Week

I just posted Marc Dylan’s interview from the set of MEN.COM days ago. Well, we don’t have to wait long. Today MEN.COM released the first of 3 scenes bodybuilder porn star Marc Dylan shot with them. In this video Marc plays a shirtless hitchhiker who gets fucked by Christian Wilde.

OUT IN PUBLIC also released Marc’s video this week. This scene is “muscle overload” with bodybuilders Marc Dylan and The Rock having public sex and fuck in a restaurant.





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    That’s my BABY Marc just keeps getting HOTTER and HOTTER with each video he does as if that is possible. HMM Sigh I wish I could pick him up on the side of the road and then I could RIDE HIM YUMMY MARC!!!!! :)


    MY BABY MARC looking HOTTER than ever in these videos as if that is even possible!!!! :) If Marc was walking down a road in my neighborhood I would DEF. pick HIM UP and I would BE RIDING HIM so HARD!!! YUMMY HOT!!!!! :)

  3. Jay says

    Call me a prude, but the Out In Public concept just makes me cringe. I get that it’s all a set-up in that the “pubic” are in on the bit, but, it’s still just FOUL.

  4. Alex says

    Just watched the scene on Love watching Marc hitchiking shirtless on the street! The scene is so hot! love Christian too! Can’t wait to see the other 2 scenes!!!

  5. well, yeah says

    @Jay I agree, no matter how hot the people they get are I just can’t enjoy it. I’d guess it’s staged for legal reasons, which makes the “getting caught” bits worse haha

  6. says

    I am a muscle top that goes crazy over muscle bottoms !!@! BUT ENOUGH ALREADY WITH MARC ~! when he bust on the scene i was like OH YEA ! but now after scene 100 in a month its like give it a break ! Is he planning on taking the money and run !or is porn that desperate to using same guy OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER !!! u get my point !

  7. Nari says

    well for me Watching Marc Dylan is becoming boring…too much scenes in such a short time!!! maybe he shouldn’t sign with all the porn studios that exist

  8. well, yeah says

    I’d like to see him top, he looks like he’d be a passionate/affectionate top, that is if he actually enjoys topping

  9. Marc Dylan says

    Hey guys thanks for a lot of the nice things you said I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and compliment. Those were both fun scenes to make.

  10. M_M says

    Anytime I see the name “The Rock” I think of Dwayne Johnson or that so-so movie with Nicholas Cage. It’s not a pseudonym most would associate with gay porn.

  11. says

    @ marc ! Dude u are a hot fuck ! Your Scene with that other company TRE#### ISL#### was probably one of the hottest scenes in 2011 of all porn ! Do not apologize for crap from the past but look forward to the future ! Advice pace yourself and bank off of personal apearances !! Make guys like me look forward to your next scene instead of OH HIM AGAIN !! With your look u have a bright future in the business !

  12. Tom says

    SX video’s Bareback Me Now and the video Marc Dylan did for Treasure Island Media are hands down the hottes videos of the year. I understand and agree with ALL the reasons why guys are against barebacking but they are still the hottest porn. I’m a huge fan of Marc Dylan but sorry, all the other stuff I’ve seen of him pales next to the raw stuff. And let’s get real, after ANYONE does a bareback video for Treasure Island Media, no one will ever believe you suddenly decided to never get fucked raw. Most guys I know, and they are all very hot, prefer bareback. Drugs, alcohol, sex, people do a lot of stuff that isn’t so healthy.

  13. Leo says

    Marc you are amazing, sexy, have the best ass in Porn, I love seeing u getting fucked. Keep them cumming, I just can’t get enough. Additionally, you look like a great person, something very endearing about you : )

  14. kevin says

    El secreto de que guste tanto Marc Dylan, es en parte el hecho de que sea tan masculino en sus escenas como pasivo. No pierde la hombria aunque lo estèn “matando a pijasos”. Disfruta la penetraciòn de su culo, como un verdadero hombre, y no tiene la necesidad de mentir con respecto a su sexualidad, como tantos otros lo pasan haciendo, entre ellos MARCUS MOJO quien a probado todas las pijas de los actores porno gay, y sigue diciendo que es “HETERO”…¡¡¡POR FAVOR!!!. Que gente estùpida. Adelante MARC y no bajes el nivel de tus escenas.

  15. thomas says

    marc dylan is the STAR in this video … Christian Wilde is the lamest top I have ever seen. If I was having sex with him, I would stop, dress, and WALK OUT. Have some passion, you have THE sexiest, hottest, nicest, best bodied, most amazing guy with the BEST personality bouncing on your (not mentionable) cock and… you’re getting paid for it?!?!?! c’mon, at least fake it!! a million of us would give our left nut for the chance!!!

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