MICK LOVELL Update: He Bottoms For Kris Evans, Does Webcam Show on Flirt 4 Free & Introduces Hot Friend Mark Steele

Bel Ami American exclusive porn star Mick Lovell started his porn career as a webcam model Owen Emerson on Flirt 4 Free. And just about 20 minutes ago, he tweeted this message “Doin a show on flirt4free.com. I’m tipsy, it’s late and I need to get off. come see me ;)” You can see some screen caps below. Looks like Mick is back doing webcam show again. Check out Mick Lovell’s profile on Flirt 4 Free.

Also on Twitter, Mick introduces his hot and muscular buddy named Mark Steele who is also doing webcam show on Flirt 4 Free. You can follow him on Twitter @MarkSteeleXXX. I hope Mick would be able to convince Mark to follow his footsteps to full-on gay porn and maybe Bel Ami.

Speaking of BELAMIONLINE.COM, Mick Lovell graces his first box cover – the new movie AMERICAN LOVERS PART TWO with hunky porn star Kris Evans

+ Mick Lovell on Flirt 4 Free

+ Mark Steele’s Profile on Flirt 4 Free


AMERICAN LOVERS PART TWO features an all-star cast of BelAmi’s gorgeous American models like Mick Lovell, Brady Jensen, new comer Austin Merrick and Alex Waters coupled with BelAmi’s star European models: Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert, Kevin Warhol, and Dario Dolce! The perfect mix of BelAmi’s American and European studs combined with BelAmi’s signature production values and locations make AMERICAN LOVERS Part Two another instant hit release!


+ More of Mick Lovell | Kris Evans

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  1. samwise says

    Yeah, I could totally hear you complainers if you met Mick in person.

    Mick: Hey, do you want have sex with me?

    You: Naw. I don’t like your hair.

  2. ugh says

    Not everyone finds him attractive. Everyone has their own tastes. There is no such thing as a universally hot guy.

  3. Nunya says

    He still can do runway modeling. He wont be able to book major commercial campaigns though (the Christians will make sure of that).

  4. andrew says

    Kris Evans is too perfect to be human. I think he was born on Mount Olympus and is a god walking among men. Its true!

  5. samwise says

    @ugh All I’m saying is that I think a lot of complainers would think twice if they met Mick in person, as opposed to seeing him in a video.

  6. AlwaysHard says

    Are their dicks photoshopped? Mick’s looks way too big… Not complaining though. Both men are gods.

  7. Roxas (yes from kingdom hearts) says

    Lol i jerked off to just the pics…i have a ab fetish….sorry if spelling isnt right…kinda brain dead right now

  8. Filip says

    Mick is fantastic and we all hope he will continue at BelAmi. I agree that he has a bad haircut. But with the angelic face, lovely body and being a power-bottom, he gets ten stars anyway from me!

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