Muscular Corbin Fisher Model MARK Gets Fucked By CAIN

Today CORBIN FISHER adds one of his beefy model to my growing list of muscular porn studs who bottom!

As I mentioned in Porn Newcomer Alert post earlier this month, Mark is one of the beefiest porn studs at CORBINFISHER.COM, he fucked Travis in one video and now it’s his turn to get fucked!

Mark is paired up with equally muscular model (and definitely fan favorite) Cain who jackhammers his ass till Mark shoots load on his abs.


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  1. Jon says

    I love Cain but I think this video should be titled “Fucking Shrek”. I’m sorry if I come across as cruel but that boy is only pretty from the neck down…

  2. says

    Because I don’t like to insult the entertainers I will be as nice as I can. I have no clue as to Mark is in the industry. As for Cain. I never get tired of seeing him perform!

  3. Mrgonz says

    Cain again??, i love him, but last update he fucked Joel (was Hot!). But this video looks really boring.

  4. says

    Queermenow alert!. Guess which muscular gay porn bottom was married earlier in July 2010 and he his also a professional Czech bodybuilder Tomas Mach. Known as Tadeusz Tesar/Todd Miller/Tanek who he worked for William Higgins, Titanmen Fresh, High Octane, Jake Cruise, Jet Set International and many others. Wonder if his new wife, most probably was his long term girlfriend, knew what he did?.

  5. says

    Tomas Mach started his pornographic career since 2003. Continuing with the theme for the studios he worked for is Lucas Entertainment, Menatplay, U.S. Male etc.

  6. Russian says

    Oh no, Mark has a good body (more cardio and less drinking would make him better), but he’s just way…. Shrekky for me.

  7. Mel says

    I like Mark. His thick muscular body on that short compact frame is hot. I think his spray tan is what is annoying the other reviewers. He is a natural red hehead an I imagine he naturally pale. He and Cain have beautifual natural bodies. Cain is taller thin waisted with nice abs. Mark is shorter big arms and legs. Let I remind readers Mark has the build that lends itself to bodybolding I think he has promise to become bigger and better. He is still new to porn and his performance will get better.

  8. James says

    I think Mark is good looking. Gay people are so damn bitchy and I wonder what most of the people who bitch really look like behind their keyboards?

  9. Ben says

    @James – best comment of ’em all! These guys would kill to have someone remotely close to ANY of these models instead of the Thurston Howells they’ve been kissing.

  10. joey says

    CORBIN Cain is the reason why I had rejoin. hopefully he can f**k all your old school guys. also I like it when he bottoms. and Mark ignore the bitchy queen haters out there. they wish they had your body

  11. jboy says

    I think it’s hot seeing Mark being rimmed and on his back, legs in the air. He looks like the kind of beefy stud who would never be fucked.

  12. Luca says

    Von Schlomo, f–k off with your nasty comments. Why is it I have a sneaking suspicion you’re a real troll. Mark is one hot guy and a very hot bottom. Just that shot of Mark on his stomach with his shorts pulled down getting fucked is worth it.

  13. Joe says

    Wow. Doesn’t anybody realize that this is all a matter of personal taste? Stop acting like whiney bitches, fighting over what YOU think is hot. God, you’re all so dumb.

  14. Luca says

    @Joe, perhaps you have a reading comprehension issue? I know that wasn’t talking about personal taste; I was referring to how cowardly it is to insult a guy anonymously. I am pretty certain Mark is way hotter than the guys insulting him. Talk about dumb.

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