Muscular Matt Fucks Kurt [Sean Cody]

muscular sean cody model Matt fucks Kurt

If they were gay, Sean Cody model KURT and MATT would make a damn CUTE couple! They are both HOT and I love watching these two hot muscular jocks fucking! But it will be hotter if Matt will bottom in his next scene 😉

muscular sean cody model Matt fucks Kurt

muscular sean cody model Matt fucks Kurt

muscular sean cody model Matt fucks Kurt

muscular sean cody model Matt fucks Kurt

muscular sean cody model Matt fucks Kurt

muscular sean cody model Matt fucks Kurt


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  1. Wassup ! says

    Straight … MY ASS .. their both gay … Anywayz, Kurt is REALLY hot … What’s his real name ?

  2. Jake says

    How can guys can have gay sex,enjoy it and still be straight. Are they telling me they are not enjoying what they are doing. I know it feels good to both of them.

  3. waht! says

    Their straight alright…. I mean all my straight brothers and friends stick dicks up their as holes NOT.

  4. charlie_jackpot says

    Sometimes you want to be all liberal and PC and say it doesn’t matter about labels and if you identify as straight but like man sex, hey dude that’s cool don’t drop bombs and all that

    But sometimes you just want to scream IF YOU TAKE A COCK IN ANY HOLE YOU’RE GAY GET OVER IT

    Kurt is fucking hot but be does seem to like bouncing on cock a lot

  5. Oat says

    lol i know what you mean charlie
    but i always end up residing with the identifying thought

    i mean.. it’s not about being pc, it’s more ‘who’s the thinker’, because in identifying the subject is the thinker of who they are, and in ‘screaming out loud’ it’s the observer who’s the thinker (in categorizing what they see)

    but yeah…sometimes i see some people and i just think..there’s no way you enjoy sex with the opposite sex or don’t enjoy sex w/ the same sex

  6. Jeff says

    these guys are str8 ? who can believe this ? c’mon I’m gay and I never touched a girl even though I’ve never been told this is wrong so I could I believe a str8 guy who heard all his life that 2 guys fucking together is the worst abomination ever could take it in the ass ?

  7. studyholic says

    Sean Cody is the bigot who posted modeling ads on craigslist specifically saying no Asian or Black models until he got wiser and stop doing that shit. His models look all the same and I’ll never support an anti-Asian bigot like him. Rich-off-racism is not hot or gay-friendly to me.

  8. greg says

    Well funny thing is that if they are all gay then they would not be able to reproduce. That is fine who needs more white trashes. They are good white asian and black people that needs to save their good genes and reproduce for science, medical research and etc. Don’t be so mad that Sean Cody might be a racist. At least he is getting those white trashes who will not be able to have a normal life. Everything has a consequence so Sean Cody will learn his lessons. So don’t worry studyholic. If you are Asians or Black then be proud that they are not on these shitty sites.

  9. Gigolo says

    How is it that some people don’t know the difference between “their”, “there” and “they’re”? Anyway, I doubt SC is racist. Why is it that the black, latin or asian themed sites never get called racist?

  10. gigolo is a douche says

    They never get called racist because they aren’t half as popular [meaning they don’t have as much social power] and because while Chris Rockaway is just a pornstar, Eddie Diaz is known as a “black” pornstar. Minorities are always marked and placed into niches.

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