Newcomer Alert! Bodybuilder KASH SATAL

bodybuilder Kash Satal fucked

I just found yet another “fuckable” bodybuilder! His name is KASH SATAL. Kash first showcased his hard, tight and sculpted body on MANIFESTMEN.COM (they called him Kashh) His muscular physique looks amazing in this photo set.

But his first porn debut will be his role as the Investigator in Jet Set Men‘s prison movie SCREWED. Kash and T.C. (another dark and muscular newcomer) fuck the shit out of white boy Mason Ross.

Kash Satal also did another scene with Can Am Productions. In this movie, Wrestle Bait (the same movie Pat Bateman fucks Vince Ferelli), Kash’s muscular ass was fucked by smaller guy Tory Mason!

Bodybuilder Kash Satal

Bodybuilder Kash Satal

Kash Satal & T.C. fucks Mason Ross, scene from Screwed [JETSETMEN.COM]
Bodybuilder Kash Satal gay sex

Bodybuilder Kash Satal gay sex

Kash Satal bottoms for Tory Mason, scene from Wrestle Bait
Bodybuilder Kash Satal gay sex

Bodybuilder Kash Satal gay sex


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  1. Vince Ferelli says

    Kash is a good guy. He and I did a scene for JetSet’s Straight Edge the day before he and I both filmed separate scenes for “Screwed”. Kash and I spent quite a bit of time together on multiple JetSet shoots, sharing a hotel room for one of them. He has an amazing build and is absolutely shredded. You can see he and I together in JetSet’s release of “Straight Edge: Vol 1”.

  2. Nobara Jones says

    Thanks for commenting Vince…always a pleasure to hear from a beautiful and gorgeous insider!

    Kash is beautiful….his cock is just fine…we need MORE diversity in the porn world! BRING IT ON!!!!!!

  3. vk says

    Kash reminds me so much of my ex-boyfriend a little bit with his body type and facial features. Anyway of course he’s hot to me. I agree with you Nobara, they definitely need more diversity in gay porn! Everyone is raving about Vince Ferelli, I mean, don’t get me wrong, Vince is a goodlooking guy and has a nice body, but he is not my type. In my eyes Kash Satal is definitely more of my type, so each to his own. Not trying to sound racist here, but the point I’m trying to make is that, men of color are just as hot as their caucasian counterparts. Or for that matter everyone is not attracted to the same thing, what maybe hot to you, might not be for the next person and vice versa, so I’ll leave it at that.


  4. Bob says

    Both Vince Ferelli and Kash Satal are absolutely SMOKING HOT. Wow. There’s no way to choose one over the other. On a scale of 1 to 10 they are both 10s.


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