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Paul Donahoe Fratmen Nash

I found this latest news about two former Nebraska wrestlers Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan on Outsports website via Butch Harris’ tweet. I used to posted about this story last August. And now EPSN’s Outside the Lines show addresses the dismissal of Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan after they appeared nude on FRATMEN.TV, a gay porn site, as Fratmen Nash and Fratmen Cal (please read this Outsports archive).

Last month, there’s another topic regarding this HOT jock Paul Donahoe or Fratmen Nash discussed on Just Us Boys Forum after the schedule for Live Show on Fratmen TV showed Nash as one of the Fratmen again!

But Fratmen Nash or Paul had never showed up on Live Show. And then, Fratmen’s Hostmaster John posted this message! Paul is indeed returning as fratmen Nash for some visits to Fratmen.TV LIVE! but we are postponing the first show and Paul is indeed being featured on the ESPN show “Outside the Lines” that was originally postponed from early May and is currently scheduled to air June 14th. He feels (and I agree) that it would be better to postpone his return Fratmen.TV LIVE! show until after the ESPN story airs to see how it all plays out.

The show airs Sunday June 14 at 9 a.m. EDT on ESPN and noon EDT on ESPN News. Looks like we have to wait and see whether Paul Donahoe will come back to Fratmen or not. Personally, I don’t think he should risk his wrestling career again.

Oh, and did you see that shot of Fratmen website ESPN used? It shows a sizable image of Fratmen Max in the middle of Nash and Cal. I hope Max’s family or friends won’t recognize him or he could get into trouble too.

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  1. aj says

    I am so tired of this story and reading about Paul Donohue. Im sick of all the gay blogs focusing on some arrogant meat head who was just after money, instead maybe we should focus on real gay college atheltes and their struggles and their success.

  2. Jeff says

    He doesn’t seem arrogant to me. Paying mind to this and to real gay athletes are not mutually exclusive, though I think this is more a matter of what athletes are allowed to do or not do while acting as representatives of their schools than a gay issue, and not quite as deserving of a topic on non-porn gay blogs.

  3. whutdafuk? says

    cringeworthy! Sheesh! I thought this news story was dead. But I guess someone has money to be made. From watching the way the first guy talked, my impression has completely changed of him.

  4. studyholic says

    I like Paul and think these guys are levelheaded and good hearted. But I too would rather see stories about what actual gay athletes have to go through to survive. At my school I’m on the varsity swim team and it is extremely hard for any gay athlete to survive, much less do porn. I find the emphasis on straight men who are “only” doing it for money in gay-owned media to be missing out on far more powerful and RELEVANT stories. Do straight guys focus on us and our lives? NO! Straight men and straight porn does not care about gay guys or gay porn. So why do we give these straight men so much time, press, and attention when they can’t even be open about their sexuality while fucking, jacking or sucking on camera!?

  5. aj says

    that is actually my point studyholic, but said in much more articulate manner. thanks! On a side not though i wonder how their family feel about this, especially with Jordan being so cavalier about it. i mean what do these dudes want in their future? cause most school systems will not hire ex porn performers to be on their faculty as a coach, wheather its wrong or right its a fact.

  6. waht! says

    They honestly thought that no one would find out……..Has anyone explained what the internet is to these guys?

  7. Peter says

    Great comment studyholic! I don’t think the straight porn audience would ever be as fixated on “straight-for-pay” guys. I wonder how many people picked up C1R’s Shifting Gears that weren’t a. gay or b. already familiar with the title. The love affair with supposed straight men is mind-boggling. Sure, a passing fantasy, but if I was a director I’d want my guys into guys. Tell as a gay male I prefer other gay males. Anyhow, stories about gay athletes facing adversity would actually be GOOD and would highlight an ISSUE, so there probably won’t be many. To that end it’d show that gay guys can be as athletic and *gasp* competitive as straight guys. They can’t let people think we’re that normal now can they?

  8. 860boy says

    im a division 1 athlete… in a school very close to nebraska…..

    i would never did what they did….seriously i think it lacked good judgement

    and deff not worth 2000 dollars

  9. SamWheat says

    The line from Paul about how he didn’t think anyone would know is bullshit. John and Jasun who run that site always tell the guys who pose for them that everyone will find out. Ask any of the guys from frat pad and they will confirm it. they knew they were going to get seen and didnt realize what a shit storm is was going to make.

  10. Orestes says

    The sad thing is that in a country like the USA, wich spends billions on weapons , a boy needs to do porn to pay his studies…
    There are lost of gay sportman who really needs our attention, camon..they are in a worst situation…
    Soo fed up about the straight – bicurious staff

  11. aj says

    there are many way to pay for college other than doing porn. and further more i would think with him being a national champ he defiantly had a scholarship


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