Rafael Alencar & Rafael Carreras at Peterpam Prod (what?)

gay porn star Rafael Carreras sucking Rafael Alencar huge cock

Browsing through Rafael Alencar‘s official website RAFAELWORLD.COM the other day, I came across this page titled PETERPAM PROD. It looks like a gallery of sexy and fun behind the scenes photos from the porn set with Rafael Alencar and various porn stars. Some photos show videographer Mr. Pam and another censored guy (Peter?).

I can’t recall any of these sex scenes or porn star pairing, maybe they were not released yet. In that case, I’m totally looking forward to a sex scene with Rafael and a recent comeback gay porn star Rafael Carreras! They are both hot latino hunks with huge cock! Who’s gonna top and who’s a bottom? It’s a plus if they flip flop!

gay porn star Rafael Carreras sucking Rafael Alencar huge cock

naked gay porn star Rafael Alencar with Mr Pam and Peter behind the scenes gay porn

Anybody has more info about Peterpam Prod or these sex scenes?



+ Rafael Alencar Movie List

+ Rafael Carreras Movie List

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  1. Cee says

    Rafael has a hot ass. Can’t wait to see him bottom (whenever that happens). What’z up with the hideously shaped guy on the right? His face is blocked out. Should have blocked out his whole body.

  2. manu says

    In case you haven’t noticed ,both guys are called RAFAEL so when you comment it’d probably be best if you said the last name too , even though we all know that Alencar is the one with the ridiculously hot ass…:)

  3. Scott says

    Man, Rafael Alencar is all that and a bag of chips! Another good bottoming scene with him is Studio 2000‘s Bar Trade, where he flips with Damon Phoenix. He is so hot riding Damon Phoenix. He apparently doesn’t want to bottom in movies anymore.

  4. chuck says

    I forget the movie, but there’s one where Alencar is fucking this guy on top of a log in the woods. I feel in love with him right after that.

  5. Andrey Sercovisky says

    Rafael Alencar has a donkey dong monster cock, always hard. Now he is doing a lot of Lucas Entertainment movies and he totally rapes everyone in that studio.

  6. Peter says

    I am the Peter in Peterpam and YES the 2 rafaels do fuck…probably the hottest seen I ever did and most passionate. I LOVBE these 2 men
    Guess who bottoms?

  7. Peter says

    QMN, I am not sure when you’ll be able to watch. Rafael said I could sell the 2 Rafaels video for $100,000 when he dies….it’s THAT Hot and Sizzling

    AND Hey Cee, I am Peter,the “HIDEOUSLY SHAPED” Person in the picture I hate to dignify your remarks, but you can go fuck yourself. You’ll never see any of MY videos of Rafael, who is probably laughing at this on line squabble.
    He gets hard with me, when he doesn’t with the other models. Last shoot, he said, “Peter, let’s just do you and me.” Cuz we have fun and we do outragous stuff, all HARD! He and I and mr. Pam Have HAD a BLAST making videos. And you should see the ones BEFORE mr. Pam joined in. Again, F U.

  8. Pamela Frost says

    TO CEE:
    I am usually a dignified lady, but I would like to second the FUCK YOU to Miss CEE!
    Peter was and is a beautiful man.
    He was one of the original Gay Hunks in 1969.
    What do YOU look like, Miss CEE?
    Did you more than 23 private porn movies with the gorgeous Rafael Alencar?
    Back to my servants and Park Avenue Apt. I hope Peter shares his private pornography with ME!!
    Respect Your elders.
    Mrs. Frost

  9. Keith says

    Forget the insults from CEE, Peter should start sharing more STILLS (see Rafaelworld.com under RAFPAM.)
    previously PETERPAM. (It’s Peter’s Porn.)
    Email to post MORE STLLS like above and share the VIDEOS.
    HOT, HUNG models in Rafael’s class should send pix to Peter’s email so we can all see more porn.
    Hey Rafael, WE WANT to see THIS PORN!!!

  10. Paul says

    Me too, let us see this porn, peterpam, rafpam.
    You think the stils are good.
    You will be amazed HOW HOT, and the DILDO’S in both ends

  11. steve says

    Hey dude, I wanna see more pictures and these peterpam videos. Alencar should bottom more like he did for kristen Bjorn and in Amewrican Lover, some brazil movie with “Igor.”
    Please show us more photos.
    His Lucas films are TOP and not as good.
    contact me at steveparker9x@aol.com to discuss getting these videos Rafael has on his website. He’s a tease.
    I see he can deep throat in that Paris movie. These tops need to be real and suck cock and bottom.
    I like this personal porn. I’ll pay “Peter” and RAFAEL AND Mr. Pam

  12. Rey says

    Hey everyone:


    Also, NO ONE with a cocklike his could ever be called a Bottom. He used to call h8mself a VERSATILE TOP.

    He would look so hot getting fucked by a tall stud and then fucking him.
    Rafael can also DEEP THROAT !!!!!


    YOU CAN SEE HIM BOTTOM IN 2006 studio 2000 “BAR TRADE,” reaally BOTTOM in “My AMerican Lover” ALL WORLDS” Kristen Bjorn “Men amonst the ruins” where he cumz while getting fucked and “8 Inches* from Cazzo.

  13. Bob says

    I think Alencar fucked Carreras. It was a movie about matadors. But maybe they played brothers who shared one brother’s boy friend. A very good movie.
    The name – I am so sorry – I forgot it!

  14. Bob says

    PS – The movie in question is “Gored” and comes from Studio 2000. There are pictures on the internet.


  15. Peter says

    OK, finally the true story: I have made over 30, LONG amateur porn videos starring Rafael Alencar. They were all shot with 3 cameras-one manned by mr. Pam. He BOTTOMS in every single one, becuz that’s what I wanted to see. His scene partners have been Rafael Carreras (2X -absolutely charming), Jake Havoc (2X-great guy, HUGE dick), MATAN Shalev, Tommy DeLuca, Ben Andrews (oral only), escort Aaron Kurt (3 X), Dimitri Santiago (2X-one of my faves) and many more> Unfortunately for all of you, Alencar believes his porn carreer rests on NEVER bottoming (ABSURD!!) so I’ve had to Swallow the $100,000 I spent on this 3 year voyage. We had shoots with Michael Lucas + Rafael scheduled many times, but ALencar always backed out for reasons you all write about here. I will say that Mr.Lucas was nothing but courteous to me.
    Rafael demanded the sets be like his porn shoots for major companies though I was ONE person doing it all, and those companies make back their investments. For the most part, we had a blast; the stress of pulling this off SOLO was at times almost unbearable, but I did out of my “love” for Rafael’s form and a belief in his beauty and hope that he would give up his silly “carreer” TOP position. Alencar not only deep throats Carreras, but also Carreras’dildo ! I believe in the beauty of the male form the way great painters thu-out time have painted the female form.
    And for the record HERE, Rafael’s body (and ASS) are 100% REAL, no implants ANYWHERE. Like many, he is addicted to the gym (JEEM). The $$ aside, it is a SHAME the porn lovers of the world have been denied seeing these amazing scenes. I directed everything, including getting mr.Pam into positions she never does for surgical, POV shots that get so many of us off. There is a plethora X a myriad (is that a million?:) of stills from these shoots. btw, there are 8 or so SOLO shoots with Rafael doing amazing things with DILDOS, along with my HAND>mmmm and that ASS !!!! And finally, there is a great BJ shoot with Ben Andrews and Carreras (no alencar).

  16. Alan says

    I love Rafael Alencar’s big cock.
    Carreras is fun too.
    Is it amateur videos?
    Anyway, the more Rafael’s cock the better

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