Randy Blue Bodybuilders Jeremy Walker and Cayden Ross Fuck

Look who’s back to gay porn after one year hiatus! The last times we saw Jeremy Walker on Randy Blue, he fucked Benjamin Bradley, Zachary Cook and flip flop fucked with Malachi Marx back in 2009.

It’s nice see Jeremy Walker back for more man-on-man action. His big and muscular body is as amazing as ever. And this time RANDY BLUE paired him up with another equally big and muscular porn star Cayden Ross!

+ Bodybuilders Jeremy Walker and Cayden Ross Fuck [XXX Photo Gallery]

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  1. JT says

    so bored of these randy blue trailers hiding all the penetration and sucking scenes. just show them already and stop pissing around.

  2. Reed says

    Anyone notice that Jeremy Walker is now escorting through
    mantoman? I would definetely love to have a night with

  3. yam says

    I saw this video This is best video Jermey walker has
    done.This was first time I saw Jermey enjoy gay sex.before that he
    was kind of plastic. Though his scene with Malachi was also good
    and so was threesome with Chris rockway and reese rideout but he
    always looked kinda of distant. This time he was very much into the

  4. yam says

    @Reed Thanks for your info I think he is very new in
    escorting because 1.5 years ago I read his interview in which he
    told that that he is in porn for very short time as he need some
    money .Once it is done he will quit porn But it seems he is back in
    porn flick after brief time and starts Escorting too .It seems lure
    of adult industry is too hard to resist

  5. Rob says

    I do love Cayden Ross’ facial expressions. He’s hot but he
    flunked porno acting 101. LOL Dial it down a notch,

  6. manu says

    Very hot scene , although I wish it had been a flip-flop , Jeremy has never been properly fucked and I always thought his hair made him look like a little slut ( which I love;))
    As for Cayden…he might overact a bit with his fuckfaces but they are funny and he genuinely seems to enjoy himself anyway , seems like a fun guy to hang out with .

  7. says

    Jeremy still looks very uptight and out of place.As usual.He is obviously straight.He is 1 of the only straight man at Randy Blue.Most are bi or gay.Jeremy is a beautiful man.But.He is a horrible performer.Actually he is the worst Randy Blue performer.The look is not the only good thing.Good performances is what gay men expects the most.In this video Jeremy looks bored and uncomfortable.AGAIN.He obviously doesnt know how to suck a cock.He most likely doesnt suck cocks very often.He most likely only suck cocks in gay porn.

  8. says

    When he fucks Cayden,he is not believable.He only go through the motion.You can see that Jeremy is not into Cayden.Cayden is a very beautilful man.Jeremy still looks indifferent.Jeremy obviously makes gay porn only for money and he doesnt care if his performance sucks.As long as he have money in the end.Cayden is the only good thing in this video.He obviously likes to have sex with men.Cayden is the best Randy Blue man.With Chris Rockway.Of course!Jeremy never was a good performer and never will be.Jeremy having sex with men = What was i thinking?I cant believe that i have to sex with men!Why im stuck in gay porn?Lets face it.This is the way it is.

  9. says

    Gay porn stars who quit gay porn and eventually come back to porn,they never stay in porn for a long time.Then they quit gay porn for good.Usualy gay porn stars who are bad performers at the beginning enventually becomes better performers.Since Jeremy been in gay porn,he should have improved.But he still looks like he wants to be everywhere but not in gay porn.Jeremy looks clumsy and he looks like even hot men does nothing for him.The worst thing in gay porn is when you see a man who struggle to have sex with a man.It looks forced and fake.Jeremy should make straight porn.If Jeremy would make straight porn,you would see the difference.He would not look bored anymore.Do you really thinks Jeremy likes doing gay porn?You possibly know the answer.

  10. CLT Guy says

    The facial expressions are hysterical! One is bored, the other is overacting! It is dstracting from what is going on.

  11. robin says

    Jeremy is a hot guy to see. He has a sweet face and a huge muscular body, that is hairy or sometimes trimmed. Both ways he looks awesome. I think he is not a good gay lover though. His cocksucking looks so bad. He just takes a cock no further than the top in his mouth, never even tries to deepthroat. He can fuck, but I don’t know wether he likes it and getting fucked doesn’t seem to give him pleasure either. Pity because as said he looks great!

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