Renato Amoroso’s Life After Bel Ami = Escort Boy Gary

Renato Amoroso

What happens to the Bel Ami models after they are no longer young enough to appear in BA videos? For Renato Amoroso, he put on some weight and became a professional escort named Gary (at least, that’s what Gary said).

It’s quite HARD to believe Gary was twinky Bel Ami boy Renato but they have identical little freckle in the middle of upper chest.

Some readers might not happy with this transformation. But, at least, George Duroy didn’t left his model starving, right?

+ More XXX Photos of Bel Ami Boy Renato Amoroso

November 2004
Renato Amoroso Bel Ami

Gary Renato Amoroso

Gary Renato Amoroso

Photos and story from The Boys from BelAmi Archive

Gary’s Stat

Fuck: top/bottom
Oral: active/passive
Uro: active
CBT: no
Fisting: active
SM: active
Bondage: active
Dirty: no
Kissing: yes
Massage: active/passive
SaferSex: always
Telephonesex: no
Video: no
Go-Go: no
Fotoshooting: no
Nacked cleaning: no

Some comments…

He ask more to be a bottom but he pleases in all other ways!

It was interesting to note that this guy was into some sexual activity which you would not consider a BA model capable of or interested in doing i.e. a fisting top!

Renato Amoroso’s Movie List

Dano Sulik Fucks Renato Amoroso
Dano Sulik Fucks Renato Amoroso
Dano Sulik Fucks Renato Amoroso
Dano Sulik Fucks Renato Amoroso

Renato Amoroso Fucks Richie Tyler
Renato Amoroso Fucks Richie Tyler
Renato Amoroso Fucks Richie Tyler

Renato Amoroso in Red Hot Chili Sex
Renato Amoroso
Casper Watt GangBanged
Casper Watt GangBanged
Casper Watt GangBanged

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  1. STUDHUNTER says

    WELL, He certainly WAS cute. It just goes to show that we all look good…. for 15 minutes..SO, ENJOY it. But I would still DO him…..Like em a little Beefy. :)

  2. Heviel says

    Well, He does hustle, so what?
    What can we expect from these guys?
    If in the USA porn sites and companies pay beans to performers, dont even want to think what they pay these guys there to feed our lust.

    POrn business, DONT DENY IT, it is a mutual explotation deal. We got tired of the same guy and always look for fresh meat. So the old guys have to find their way to make a living.

    YES! He is hustling and so the other 95%.

  3. Will says

    He still has a waistline and a fairly flat stomach, even if he has lost the 6-pack. It looks like most of the added weight is in his face, neck, and arms. I wonder if he takes lot of creatine and is holding water or if other drugs might be involved. Guys I know on ‘roids get that puffy look. So too do the ones cycling on legal performance supplements.

  4. Jim says

    Maybe it’s a little unfair to single out Renato, but lately it seems an awful lot of the Belami boys appear vastly different than when they first appeared on the scene. Yes, they were all kinda young when they first started out and bound to change over time. But it looks though some of these guys are way too “juiced up” or “pumped up”. I’m still a subscriber to their site and plan on being one for the time being, but I think they maybe trying to shed some of their ‘twink” image and go for a more “college jock” look.

  5. jonjon says

    Renato was fairly new when I was a BelAmi member not many years ago. How could he be too old? I believe Sebastian Bonnett is still in front of the camera and he predates Renato. I think Renato has just let himself change that much. A lack of tan and a few pounds makes a big difference. He still looks young. If he shed the pounds, waxed his chest and got a tan, he could definitely still be in BelAmi movies.

  6. hansi says

    Also some other Bel Ami guys do escorting:

    – Tim Hamilton / Prague
    – Ethan Clarke / Dortmund
    – Danny Sardon / Prague
    – Chris Casablanca / Dortmund

    If you know anybody else, let us know…

  7. John says

    Hansi, do you know the sites where I can find these former belami boys escorting? Am very keen to hook up with Chris and Ethan in particular. Please let me know.

  8. Renato says

    Reantos real name is Karel Oles and he lives in Olomouc where he plays football for Olomouc and still does escort from time to time;)

  9. Hansi says

    did you know the other real names of some Bel Ami stars, like Josh Elliot, Ethan Clarke, Sascha Chaykin etc… ?

  10. Peter says

    Renato’ chubby look is much sexier than his teenage look to me. Well, maybe it is because I am not Bel Ami kind of guy, he may be another Titan star, who knows?

  11. nc says

    I think he looks so much better now than he did then, but I’m into more of the masculine looking guys and BelAmi doesn’t really do those, lol.

  12. james bond says

    No one told me where to find GARY i love beefy top and would not mind hiring him on visit in Prague if he works there

  13. nada_dude says

    I would love to do him and would pay for him. He was the boy of my dreams and now he is broken. His beauty faded. I would love to pay him for drugs!

  14. says

    I was in a couple of porn shoots in LA and alll the guys do other guys for cash. it’s part of the industry. Guys are fooling themselves if they don’t think that porn guys are pure as snow. Give me a break. Everyone does everyone, whether it’s for cash or for favours. People like this guy get a few bucks and let themselves go. Porn is not a million dollar job – you make 300 to 500 a film. The photos are part of the film shoot. This isn’t America’s Top Model – it’s sex for people to masturbate to. It isn’t rocket science heh heh.

  15. Chris says

    For me Renato is by far the best Bel Ami model . He turns me on more than any other model with his piercing dark eyes and that amazing smile. Not too smooth making him more of a natural man …bring him back get that extra weight off him ….He has so much more to give , wish he was near lol….

  16. RogerV says

    Actually, I kind of like the idea of seeing some of the Bel
    Ami boys more grown up, and especially with their body hair grown
    out. I don’t know how much to believe about the stories of “sex
    training” they get, but if they’re true then why not use what
    they’ve learned to make money?

  17. Ismail says

    I love Renato Amoroso very very very much
    I invite Renato Amoroso to visit me in Cairo , Egypt and live with me in my place and make love togather
    thank you very much.


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