Tim Oakes & The Male Bonding of Sandbach Rugby Team

I know I posted this video before, but since that Xtube video was deleted and I just found the longer version of it. I will post this infamous homoerotic episode of Generation Xcess documentary: Sandbach Rugby Team again.

Male bonding, guys kissing, nipple sucking, full frontal nudity even cock swinging and semi-erection. This documentary video is qualified as softcore gay porn in my book 😉

Tim Oakes, the captain of rugby team in this video, became even more popular among gay men when he posed naked for UK website Famousmales.uk.net

Tim Oakes Sandbach Rugby team captain naked

Tim Oakes Sandbach Rugby team captain naked

+ Tim Oakes Naked Photos at Famousmales.uk.net [free registration required]

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  1. Dan says

    I absolutely love this video and Tim. It gets me so hard. mmm straight soccer studs who only have eyes for each other after a few beers. I really really wish someone like randyblue or some huge gay porn company would offer Tim a job. Offer him a deal he cant resist. He would sell so well! Is there any other pics/vids of tim?

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