Tristan Jaxx Bangs Former Pro-Football Player Stany Falcone

In this new video from the movie Fast Friends by TITAN MEDIA, Former pro-football player Stany Falcone gets fucked hard by Tristan Jaxx. This hot scene ends with an explosive climax by Tristan 😉

Both Stany Falcone and Tristan Jaxx very hot and masculine gay men. And you can see an adorable and playful side of them in the behind the scenes video below while Stany prepares to get fucked by Tristan.

+ Tristan Jaxx Fucks Stany Falcone


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  1. ugh says

    I’m a huge fan of Stany Falcone but this was not his best scene. His flip flop with Hunter Marx was much better. Falcone is more of a strong silent type when he fucks and he needs a partner that really gets the nasty side of him to come out. Marx accomplished that but Jaxx did not. If Falcone was paired up with a really good performer the scene would be explosive kinda like his scene with Jean Franko. Too bad the lighting in that scene was too dark and it was too short dammit. I’m really looking forward to Stany Falcone in Jagged Mountain. There is way more passion in Kristen Bjorn’s films than Titan.

  2. TheOne says

    for your information, Stany Falcone has been the subject of a documentary on 1st Belgian French-speaking public television. He’s been followed on several performances and was also followed through the soccer fields where he used to play. It can be viewed here (but totally in French…) :

  3. TheOne says

    google translation of descrition :

    So Gay So football (=soccer), so If it is well a sport which is not for the birds and the queers, it is well football. Look at Stany, former football player, here it is the gay actor of porn. Admittedly, for Stany Falcone, it is always question of master keys and partners. But its life changed well. It is not any more on the grass but in the gay boxes which it becomes animated. Its double out coming brings to him obviously only of happiness and even of the trophies. It is a Stany artist, he likes the glances and the cameras directed on him. He always liked that besides. Then greediness or lust?

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