Video Teaser of Matthew Rush Blows Zeb Atlas

Matthew Rush Sucks Zeb Atlas

Today, Falcon Studios release short video teaser of a scene from their upcoming movie BEST MEN Part One: The Bachelor Party. Yes, that controversial scene Falcon Lifetime Exclusive Matthew Rush Give Zeb Atlas A Blowjob. If you like, you can buy this scene now, before the movie releases this september.

+ Watch Matthew Rush Blows Zeb Atlas

Download and Own This Amazing Scene From Falcon’s Upcoming Release BEST MEN (FVP187) Today – FILMED in HD + DRM Free + 100% MAC Compatible

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  1. says

    Where is the acknowledgement that you got this story from my website. I the one and only Damon Kruezer reported on this story FIRST!

    I am the man behind Zeb Atlas. Zeb has listened to my advice, for which he pays a hefty fee to me, ever since my hard hitting in depth interview with him for DNA Magazine.

    Everything Zeb has done has been at my direction.

    Why is David Forrest getting credit for this, when it the The Kruezer who has been guiding Zeb’s rise to fame through my frequent mentions of him on my website and constant council with him.

    Why is it that Jake Cruise will not admit that he stole my name for his website? Changing a few letters doesn’t mean that I am not the inspiration and therefore deserve payment!

    This is nothing but another attempt by JC Adams and all the troll bloggers who constantly try to damage the image of Damon Kruezer the number one source for hard hitting reporting and exclusive interviews.

  2. jimmyjazz says

    All I know is this is fucking hot. The fact that Zeb is straight and let’s other men admire, suck and worship his body makes it all the hotter! We need more open minded studs like him who will let us worship their bodies.

  3. says

    Regarding Bachelors Party 2, I find the scene with Zeb and killian the most fascinating sex scene i ever seen between two hot guys. Both men were amazing special Zeb being his first time on video. Wow! Falcon should keep both men buzy making other videos , they maybe expensive but they deserve it.


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