Zeb Atlas Will Fuck Matthew Rush In Falcon Movie

Gay Porn Stars Matthew Rush and Zeb Atlas

This news seems to be the most popular one during my vacation. But it’s the obvious next step for Zeb Atlas after his gay oral sex debut with Jake Cruise and sex scene with his girlfriend.

Mike at The Sword broke the news on his website, Falcon To Remove Cum From Models’ Mouths and Put Zeb Atlas In : The first beneficiary of the cum-free diet will be Matthew Rush, who will not be invited to eat gay-for-gray star Zeb Atlas’s paycheck in their upcoming two-part marriage-themed production. The movie, the first to be shot after the departure of Montgomery, features Tony Capucci as a groom-to-be, and Matthew bottoming at a bachelor party for Zeb.

News of the Falcon deal was supposed to be under wraps, according to David Forest, Zeb’s manager. But since the word was out, he reveals more detail about the project on XBIZ News article,

The scenes will appear in an yet-unnamed bachelor party-themed 2-disc feature. In the first scene, Atlas will be orally serviced by Falcon lifetime exclusive Matthew Rush and, in the second, Atlas will reciprocate the oral, as well as topping Rush.

“He is being paid what I used to get for Ryan Idol and Ken Ryker,” Forest said, explaining that few present-day performers are paid the amounts that were offered for superstar performers in the ‘90s.

“Matthew Rush and Zeb Atlas are definitely two very powerful names in the gay adult industry, having them star alongside one another will be a lively topic of conversation for the many fans of porn” Prickett told XBIZ.

+ Read the whole article at XBIZ : Zeb Atlas Will Top in Falcon Movie.

Personally, I don’t know why, but if this news broke last year, I would have been thrilled. Now? I think I lost the interest from all those Zeb Atlas Gay Sex rumors that never materialized.

Now, I have to wait to see if Zeb Atlas is a good ACTOR to make some Hot sex scene with Matthew Rush. That’s what make a good porn for me, Hot Sex is far more important than hot actors making robotic sex. And please, Zeb, don’t be the later. I hope you’ll fuck Matthew’s ass as hard as you fuck your girlfriend.

+ XXX Photos & Trailers of Matthew Rush’s prior bottoming scenes in Taking Flight Part 2 and Heaven To Hell

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  1. JAS says

    Hmm….not sure I see this actually happening. While Zeb is nice to look at, he is essentially straight, and now that I have hit mid-30s, I don’t really care to see straight guys doing us in the butt on screen. I don’t watch Caesar, Ricky Sinz, or any other the other big names who do time with the Tuna Fleet. In a way, they fact that these guys are doing videos for us is a little insulting. Maybe I am a purist, but if I am watching a gay video, I want the actors in it that I am paying to see to be actually gay. Just a thought.

  2. Jack says

    I couldn’t care less. Zeb has been a cock tease for several years and supposedly is straight and just now ‘crossing the line’. However, I learned he’s been an escort in the past, so I guess he’s only just now ‘crossing the line’ on video. Soooo what’s all the hoopla. Get real everybody.

  3. ilan says

    I’m not normally one to complain about gay for pay. But I find all this talk about his inflated salary personally insulting. The message Falcon is sending is that heterosexuality is more desirable than homosexuality.

    I also think that con job Zeb Atlas pulled with that Mark Dalton video is unforgivable. He straight up lied to his fans by promising something he had no intention of delivering. A straight actor who exploits the gay community like that won’t be rewarded by getting my hard earned cash. This is one video that won’t be added to my wish list.

  4. GQSQ says

    If Zeb Atlas can kiss Matthew Rush like gay men do, then topping Matthew is something I’d like to see. Maybe that will convince Zeb that fucking a guy is SOOO much better than fucking fish.

  5. JAS says

    Just read some of the other comments here, and while it may not be politic for me to suggest it, I say that unless he truly needs the cash, Rush should not do the scene with Zeb Atlas out of respect for his fans over the years. If Falcon says “Do it or else”, then he should say “Else”, grow out the body hair, and go to Titan, Colt, or Raging Stallion–I’m pretty sure any of them would love to take him on board.

  6. jack feiry (velvet goldmine) says


  7. says

    Where is the acknowledgement that you got this story from my website. I the one and only Damon Kruezer reported on this story FIRST!

    I am the man behind Zeb Atlas. Zeb has listened to my advice, for which he pays a hefty fee to me, ever since my hard hitting in depth interview with him for DNA Magazine.

    Everything Zeb has done has been at my direction.

    Why is David Forrest getting credit for this, when it the The Kruezer who has been guiding Zeb’s rise to fame through my frequent mentions of him on my website and constant council with him.

    Why is it that Jake Cruise will not admit that he stole my name for his website? Changing a few letters doesn’t mean that I am not the inspiration and therefore deserve payment!

    This is nothing but another attempt by JC Adams and all the troll bloggers who constantly try to damage the image of Damon Kruezer the number one source for hard hitting

  8. moulderscully says

    It’s not as appealing anymore, especially since Jake ruined it. Matt has said on his site that he felt betrayed by zeb because he did his first gay scene with jake and not him (He says they’re friends), and I kinda feel a bit betrayed too, I mean Jake Cruise? What a waste. I really wish Matt had of been the first. Money was truly the scapegoat in this case. I really don’t mind gay-for-pay, just so long that’s its hot and I can get off to it. Matt and Zeb do make a hot on screen couple (which I say is completely opposite for Jake and Zeb, ahhh just a debacle!! Not a good match!!), you have to admit that at least.


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