Cocksure Men Teach You How To “Prepare To Bottom” Video

I found this funny video on CuzUrHorny, the blog run by the guys from COCKSURE MEN:

We get this email often, asking if we have any “tips.” The guys had a laugh and we threw this together. What surprised us so much was the rather brilliant comic timing of Riley Price and Rick McCoy who just ad libbed the whole thing. We knew Brady Jensen would have some quick and to the point info and we also knew Guy Jones would be his usual “man of few words.”

With special guests Charles Riley and Jake Cruise


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  1. Luiz Sérgio says

    Why this?
    Heath just fucked Jake at Brokeback Mountain with saliva and it hapenned! And every gay, bi, or whatever it be men watching it gone horny! Done.

  2. Rob says

    Really guys? Some things ruin what little magic is left to porn. This was one of them. If you are too stupid to not know how to douche before being fucked, maybe you shouldn’t be having gay sex. This takes narcissism to a whole new level. Not cool, certainly not hot. Who does watch this stuff? 15 year olds? I recently read where the biggest viewers of on-line gay porn like this are teenagers and I believe it now. I suppose I should be grateful it wasn’t someone once again talking about gay4pay.

  3. AJ says

    Uh… It might be different for porn, but I’ve really never had to go through such preparation to bottom. And I’ve never had any embarrassing dirty incidents.

    Or maybe this video is just a joke?

  4. brian says


  5. James says

    I’ve never used an enema Brian. I think condoms are enough for personal hygiene. I heard using an enema washes out some of protective mucus from your mucus membranes or whatever :p I don’t think I would feel comfortable sticking water up my arse anyway to be honest.

  6. TurboLover says

    Haha ok, that was funny.

    If you can’t tell this is the guys making fun of how silly the topic is, you need to give your head a shake. Nice to see porn stars not take themselves so seriously.

    I’m sure porn stars get some really weird questions and they probably were joking about doing this because they can’t believe how dense you’d have to be to ask. Jake Cruise is famous for having a really twisted sense of humor and Brady and Riley, too.

    If you can’t watch the look on Brady’s face and Riley’s face doing this and not tell they’re making fun of an often-asked and dumb question, there’s no hope for you.

    They probably were on set and Jake shot this using his cell phone.

  7. Chris says

    Jeez YOU are the one taking narcissism to a new level. A lot of people, young and old, don’t know proper anal hygiene, and they wanted a definitive answer from somewhere – and either way this little movie is a JOKE. If you have this many hangups about porn, I can’t even imagine what sad thoughts go through your mind when you have sex. You’re probably one of those guys who ends up crying when they ejaculate. Lighten up.

    @The rest of you who think douching is unnecessary
    Either you guys have immaculately clean colons or you guys are into some shit and piss play because rimming or fucking a guy who doesn’t clean = the biggest turn off ever. Condoms may be enough for your personal hygiene James, but I’d hate to think of the guys who pull out and their condoms are covered in your excrement. Total boner killer.

    But keep it up with the comments guys, this website for some reason gets the most narcissistic, crazy, and hateful gays than any other porn website, and you guys make me feel exceptionally normal and make me realize how hateful you queens can be.

  8. Kev says

    I always tell a new bottom, “If I smell or see it on the end of my dick, then Willy goes soft and the session is over” I always douche before bottoming and insist that my bottoms do the same. For me when bottoming, it makes the whole experience a hell of a lot more pleasurable….just do it! LOL

  9. Jay says

    The more Brady said “Stick it in your butt”, the creepier it began to sound.

    As for enemas in general, you would be well served to do fiber supplementation along with the periodic enema–the more fiber you consume, the less time you spend on the rinse cycle.

  10. TurboLover says

    Waht, nobody was taking a crap… but they WERE having a laugh.

    Fuck, you queens need to douche a bit more if you can’t see that video and see a whole bunch of hot, funny, cool gay and bi guys just joking about an awkward subject like that.

    Can’t you just have a bit of fun some time?

    Brady… please never lose your sense of humor and Riley… please never let the queens get you down… you’re a riot and when you tire of porn I can tell the world of stand up comedy is waiting for you.

  11. James says

    Well, like I said, I have never douched and really have no intention of doing so either. Its not because I’m dirty because I’m not, but I don’t want to put water up my arse, period. I’ve seen poop on a condom before but it was very little, and if it did become that much of a problem, then maybe I would douche at that point. I guess this whole subject is food for though though really.

  12. manu says

    I guess AJ and James are the kind of guy I avoid like pest and/or have nightmares about lol. Nothing worse than a stinky butt , my libido turns off for weeks when it happens, which is why I have to warn bottoms about that and also about STDs they might have ( I see many have condylomas and they won’t tell you!!) EIther way I’m not going in!!

  13. Luca says

    Damn, you guys love to throw the insult ‘queens’ out the second you disagree with someone. High school debate class must have been a lot of fun with you guys. Talk about self-loathing. (@Brian, yeah babe, you need to douche before getting nailed, it’s more pleasant and more hygienic all around; @moe, it doesn’t mean one is a whore because one knows about enemas. That’s an incredibly stupid comment, even for this blog.)

  14. VV says

    “I can’t believe how most of you find anal hygiene unnecessary. What are you, pigs?”

    “The rest of you who think douching is unnecessary: Either you guys have immaculately clean colons or you guys are into some shit and piss play because rimming or fucking a guy who doesn’t clean = the biggest turn off ever. ”


  15. gaysammy says

    I pulled my willy out of a guys ass once and the condom was full of PUDDIN’…
    let that happen to you one time and you’ll see the NEED for it. It’s just common courtesy for your partner.

  16. manu says

    @gaysammy True , I think it’s because most bottoms aren’t afraid of their own poop, they won’t realize how wrong it is until they’ve been on the other side of the fe(n)ce!!

  17. Neal says

    Guys, seriously? Play in the dirt you’re going to get muddy. Sometimes, as they say, shit happens. So if you don’t clean up … man-up.

  18. Luca says

    @brian, why would you be afraid to douche? It doesn’t hurt and it makes the bottoming experience much better and, well…it is a necessary thing for anal sex. @James, you seem like such a sweet, honest guy. Apparently I was wrong. This evidently was a much needed PSA for inexperienced gay men. The enema is a bottom’s best friend. (A top’s as well, especially if you have nice sheets. LOL.) This reminds me of Erik Rhodes’ comments about how bad his scene was where he had to fuck Jason Adonis. Jason claimed it was because Erik was such a bad top and couldn’t perform; Erik said it was because Jason Adonis wasn’t clean and “chili-dogged*” all over the place and they had to constantly stop and clean up which could really ruin the mood. *Chili-dogging is when you shit on the guy fucking you. Really, very nasty experience. ALL BOTTOMS MUST DOUCHE!

  19. braggadocio says

    I hear this is dangerous and can get you killed. Is that true?
    Never had anal sex before so I don’t know

  20. James says

    I don’t wanna put water up my ass dude. I’ll poop and shower first, but I know if I put water up my butt it’ll make anal sex worse. Plus, there is protective mucus up there that I don’t want to wash away. And Luca, I am a nice guy. I’ve never had a real problem with poop so I don’t see what the problem is. Oh yeah, Erik Rhodes is a bitch, he got FISTED for God’s sake.

  21. BLACKjack says

    LOL I thought this was FUCKING funny :) :) The guys where clearly making fun of the whole douche thing Riley was acting like a expert in enematheology Rick McCoy introducing us 2 his butt hole ( love the thigh tat ) with Brody straight & 2 the point STICK IT N YOUR BUTT . It was ment 2 be a JOKE ! Perhaps if U up tight DOUCHE bags would DOUCHE more often U would not be so full of SHIT !!!

  22. Frank says

    I find the video both fun and educational. I haven’t been fucked before, so i don’t know much about the subject. My question is: Do you have to douche every single time you’re gonna get fucked? And what if it isn’t planned? Is there a lot of risk shit is gonna ruin the night? Thanks in advance

  23. AJ says

    Whoa, what’s with all the insults? The first time I bottomed was with a fairly experienced top. I was worried that I didn’t have a douche and he said it wasn’t necessary, as long as I went to the bathroom. I eat well, so my make is always solid and there won’t be anything hanging around there. Afterwards, wash my butt with water and some liquid soap and I’m good to go. No guy has ever complained about my ass stinking or being disgusting and they’ve never pulled out their dicks to find shit all over it. Douching too often can be damaging to your ass as well (granted so can having big penises inserted in it, but at least that’s fun).

  24. Chris says

    It’s really all depending on your diet. If you eat shit, you’ll literally be full of shit. Having a lower fat, high fiber diet helps out a lot – with your health and being cleaner down there. If you’re having a lot of sex I would douche maybe once or twice a week and of course just do a light wash when you’re in the shower.

  25. Frank says

    Thanks for the help. I try to eat as healthy as possible, but still i’m not getting fucked lol. Maybe i need to be more confident and less insecure. Again, thanks

  26. Austin says

    Come on people! We all do it, so don’t be freaked out just because some one made a video about it. Enemas are the best things that have happened to gay men since lube, and for those of you that are freaked out, may I recommend the book “everyone poops”?

  27. Kyle says

    I never fuck a bottom that is not clean, I always ask that they douche cause number 1 I like to rim. I have had some bad experience with some bottoms in the past that claim they have been a bottom for 5 to years yet still don’t know how to be clean. If you are inviting a top over your place that lives 45 minutes away, you have about 20 minutes to douche and clean. If I smell something or see shit on my condom, I end the sex quick and will never call you back even if we are dating. I like my bottom man clean at all times. What even makes me sick is when the realize he has shitted on your dick he still wants you to stick it back in, now how filthy is that. I think 90% of bottoms need to educate themselves how to be clean.

  28. David says

    You sound like a gem! Not calling back someone you’re dating because of a simple mistake makes you a huge douche.

  29. Kyle says

    @David…I’m not a douche, I let every bottom I date know upfront that I like my bottom clean always. If you are not prepared then I’d rather not fuck you till you are clean, point blank. Sorry but I don’t have time for embarrassment or guys with dirty ass.

  30. prohomo says

    Good for you, Kyle. I can’t believe some guys would think it’s ok to be dirty down there. Yuck.

  31. broom helda says

    A lot of younger gay men (and some older ones) don’t know that you are supposed to douche before having anal sex. I really didn’t find this out until I was in my late-twenties. After I started douching, I found bottoming so much more enjoyable because I wasn’t worried about whether or not the Top was going to pull out and never want to fuck me again. Douching rectified all the worry. And for those of you who say you never have to douche, unless you are anorexic, if you are eating food, you should always douche before anal sex. If you are eating food, there is always going to be escrement in your anus unless you clean it out. It’s just common sense.

  32. says

    most all porn film makers require the bottom, boy or girl be cleaned out with enemas before they do a shoot as the last thing the peeps buying the vids want to see is scat things, they must require they also shower before they do acts, even spank scenes, no one wants to spank a dirty stinky bummy, so yes personal hygine is a must for these types of things.

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