Bel Ami Update: Bastian Dufy, Marcel Gassion, Torsten Ullman, Helmuth Huxley, Manuel Rios, Andre Boleyn

BelAmi Gay Porn Bastian Dufy

Today I have some behind the scenes pictures of cute newcomer Bastian Dufy getting fucked by Peter Annaud, hotties Marcel Gassion & Andrei Karenin sucking each other, along with Torsten Ullman, Rhys Jagger, Antony Lorca, and Kevin Warhol fucking Helmuth Huxley. Check out the photos below. For more pictures from the porn shoots in Mykonos, go to BELAMIONLINE.COM.

And don’t forget to watch this hot preview videos of Manuel Rios and Gaelan Binoche flip-fuck and Andre Boleyn fucks Jamie Durrell.


BelAmi’s SUMMER OF LOVE: 12 Flip-Flop Scenes, 12 Summer Photosessions, 12 Upcoming Stars in Their Solo Debut

BelAmi Gay Porn Summer of Love

Starting June 15th until September 6th, BELAMIONLINE.COM has prepared for you the SUMMER OF LOVE consisted of 12 flip-flop scenes, 12 outdoor photo sessions, and 12 solos/castings with porn models who will later appear also in full-length sex scenes. That hot train-fuck scene starring Mick Lovell, Ariel Vanean & Colin Hewitt I posted weeks ago is also part of this SUMMER OF LOVE.

Watch the XXX preview video of SUMMER OF LOVE Part 1 featuring Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Mick Lovell, Ariel Vanean, Kevin Warhol, Claude Sorel, Rhys Jagger, Marcel Gassion, Colin Hewitt, Brian Jovovich, Jamie Durrell, Todd Rosset, Manuel Rios, Julien Hussey, Gaelan Binoche, Yuri Alpatow, Roald Ekberg, Milan Sharpe, Jean-Luc Bisset, Damian Ross, Jonas Asther, Lino Belucci, and Antony Lorca below.


Joel Birkin, That Bel Ami Model with One of The Biggest Dicks in Porn, is Featured in The Latest Scenes from KINKYANGELS.COM

Joel Birkin Gigantic Dick Gay Porn Star BelAmi

Back in 2012, BELAMIONLINE.COM teased viewers with a video of mysterious model with gigantic cock named Joel Birkin. In that video, they showed 4 Kinky Angels porn stars sucking Joel’s big dick without revealing his identity. Earlier this year, I reported that Joel Birkin along with Kevin Warhol and Gino Mosca were filming Scandal In The Vatican 2 in Rome. And they finally revealed what Joel Birkin looks like as he was one of Bel Ami models featured in Addicted Swimwear Campaign. Yes, this guy has an underwear model look and great body and he definitely has one of the biggest dicks in porn right now!

Now it’s time to watch Joel Birkin and his huge cock in action! The September issue of KINKYANGELS.COM featured two new videos called “Joel’s Private Show” and “…Gone Wild!” where porn stars Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Andre Boleyn, and Jack Harrer servicing Joel’s gigantic dick!


BelAmi’s REBELS Banned in The UK Over A Thermometer

BelAmi KinkyAngels Jack Harrer Kevin Warhol Andre Boleyn Adam Archuleta

45 minutes into the new BELAMI movie called REBELS, contains a scene where porn star Jack Harrer is sick and his KinkyAngels friends (Kevin Warhol, Andre Boleyn and Adam Archuleta) decide to take Jack’s temperature the old fashioned way by sticking a thermometer up his butt.

BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) demand this scene to be cut from the movie REBELS. BelAmi refuses and pulls the movie release from the UK. I think it’s very weird… you can read more detail about this issue below.


Musclegod Kris Evans Fucks and Cums All Over Kinky Angels

I think this newest scene from Bel Ami, Kris Evans Fucks The Kinky Angels, is one of the hottest sex scenes this year. I love the “reverse gangbang” like this where one muscular top fucks 4 eager bottoms. In this case, muscledgod Kris Evans fucks Kinky Angels Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn and Adam Archuleta.

This awesome sex scene comes in 2 parts. Don’t miss the highlight in Part 1 when Kris Evans lines up the Kinky Angels and shoots his signature “fountain” cum shot all over them (His first load lands on Andre Boleyn’s face at the farthest side!). And in Part 1, Kris proceeds to fuck them all, each in a different position :-)


Sexy Naughty Youtube Video with Bel Ami Boys & Davey Wavey

Last week I reported that Youtube star Davey Wavey was in Czech Republic and did a photo shoot with BELAMIONLINE.COM. Lucky guy!

He just released this funny and naughty video on Youtube featuring Bel Ami models Kevin Warhol, Andre Boleyn, Jack Harrer, Adam Archuleta and the cute new model Gino Mosca (who speaks superb English).

Bel Ami members also get a preview of Gino Mosca in action from the photo set released today. And don’t miss the new 2-part scene featuring a hot three-way with Dolph Lambert, Florian Nemec and Phillip Gaudin.


YouTube Sensation Davey Wavey Mingles with Bel Ami Boys

This cute guy Davey Wavey‘s Youtube Chanel has 100 millions video views and he has fans around the world. Right now Davey Wavey is in Prague, Czech Republic and he’s spending time with locals, the very sexy local boys from BELAMIONLINE.COM! He’s so lucky! Davey shared some pictures from his photo shoot with Bel Ami on Twitter and I’m pretty sure we will see his Youtube video about his time with Bel Ami boys / Kinky Angels Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn and Adam Archuleta very soon.

And while the Youtube sensation is mingling with Bel Ami, Bel Ami star Mick Lovell is now on Youtube. Check out Mick’s Youtube Channel (via The Sword)


Bel Ami Goes Gonzo with Dario Dolce & Eric Flynn (Sam Brooks)

Today’s flip flop fuck scene from BELAMIONLINE.COM has a distinct feeling than ususal Bel Ami scenes. It’s more of an experiment for Bel Ami. If you like “Gonzo” porn such as the scenes Luke Hamill fucks Kevin Warhol in Back In Africa or the Peters Twins’ home video, you will like this new Gonzo video between Dario Dolce and Eric Flynn (aka Sam Brooks)

How do you like Eric Flynn and would you like him to go on shooting more scenes for Bel Ami? Would you like to see more gonzo scenes with some of the more experienced Bel Ami models?