BelAmi Behind The Scenes: Christian Lundgren’s Initiation by Helmut Huxley, Jerome Exupery & Kevin Warhol

Christian Lundgren Helmut Huxley Jerome Exupery Kevin Warhol BelAmi Gay Porn

Last week, I posted some behind the scenes pictures of this hot new bottom Christian Lundgren from the set of BelAmi in Mykonos. This guy is definitely a new porn model to keep an eye on. And today I have more pictures of him, this time from a GANGBANG scene where Christian Lundgren gets initiated by Helmut Huxley, Jerome Exupery, and Kevin Warhol. But you and I have to wait a while for this scene to be released. For more behind the scenes pictures, go to BELAMIONLINE.COM.

For now, check out this 2-part video, Kevin Warhol and Julien Hussey flip-fuck raw.


Hot Newcomers Christian Lundgren, Antony Lorca & Torsten Ullman with Jerome Exupery On Set of BelAmi in Mykonos

Christian Lundgren BelAmi Gay Porn

BelAmi just featured this hot new porn model Christian Lundgren in its Greek Diaries section. He’s shooting porn in Mykonos and you can see some behind the scenes pictures of Christian Lundgren with two newcomers Antony Lorca and Torsten Ullman with Jerome Exupery. For more pictures, go to BELAMIONLINE.COM.

They describe Christian Lundgren as Blond, handsome and tall (almost the size of Kris Evans). “Contrary to Kris, he prefers bottoming and can enjoy multiple orgasms in one scene when he gets fucked. He is 19 y/o.” That sounds very promising. Another hot bottom to keep an eye on for sure.

This week BelAmi also release a sex scene starring one of its popular bottoms, Sascha Chaykin gets fucked by Paul Mekas’ huge cock raw.


Kevin Warhol, Marcel Gassion, Andrei Karenin, Adam Archuleta, Ariel Vanean & More in BelAmi’s GREEK DIARIES

BelAmi Gay Porn BTS Greek Diary

BelAmi has been in Mykonos, Greece shooting gay porn for over a week now and thanks to its new section, GREEK DIARIES, members get a sneak peek look into what’s happening on set.

One week into the production and we have twelve scenes finished with a few frivolous setbacks. These setbacks include two damaged cars and three boys being forced to leave: one for a motor-bike accident, one a broken hand, one broken nose, and one for a death in the family (two new boys have replaced them). One remaining boy is heartbroken over a break-up and is regularly engaged in long deeply-passionate phone calls. Two other boys suffered heat stroke aboard the yacht. So… Simply, business as usual. – GD

I posted some behind the scenes pictures from the sex scene between Hoyt Kogan and Jerome Exupery weeks ago, now let’s take a look at more pictures of BelAmi models sucking, fucking, and hanging out on set in Mykonos. For even more pictures, go to BELAMIONLINE.COM .


BelAmi Update: Mick Lovell, Marcel Gassion, Marc Ruffalo, Ariel Vanean, Rhys Jagger, Colin Hewitt & Steve Russell

Mick Lovell Ariel Vanean Colin Hewitt BelAmi Gay Porn

This weekend, as part of the SUMMER OF LOVE program, BELAMIONLINE.COM released a never before seen video starring porn star Mick Lovell. In this 2-part videos, Mick Lovell has a hot 3-way fuckfest with Ariel Vanean and Colin Hewitt.

Each Thursday and Saturday for the next 3 months we are featuring some special 2 day scenes with most of your favorite models getting their chance to be featured. This week Mick’s partners are Colin Hewitt and Ariel Vanean, which is extra fitting considering that Ariel has just made his return to BelAmi after a couple years absence.

This sex scene doesn’t feature just one or two but THREE TRAIN FUCK positions. All of which have Mick Lovell sandwiched in the middle. And don’t forget to check out these hot videos: Marcel Gassion bottoms for Rhys Jagger and Steve Russell fucks Marc Ruffalo.


BelAmi’s SUMMER OF LOVE: 12 Flip-Flop Scenes, 12 Summer Photosessions, 12 Upcoming Stars in Their Solo Debut

BelAmi Gay Porn Summer of Love

Starting June 15th until September 6th, BELAMIONLINE.COM has prepared for you the SUMMER OF LOVE consisted of 12 flip-flop scenes, 12 outdoor photo sessions, and 12 solos/castings with porn models who will later appear also in full-length sex scenes. That hot train-fuck scene starring Mick Lovell, Ariel Vanean & Colin Hewitt I posted weeks ago is also part of this SUMMER OF LOVE.

Watch the XXX preview video of SUMMER OF LOVE Part 1 featuring Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Mick Lovell, Ariel Vanean, Kevin Warhol, Claude Sorel, Rhys Jagger, Marcel Gassion, Colin Hewitt, Brian Jovovich, Jamie Durrell, Todd Rosset, Manuel Rios, Julien Hussey, Gaelan Binoche, Yuri Alpatow, Roald Ekberg, Milan Sharpe, Jean-Luc Bisset, Damian Ross, Jonas Asther, Lino Belucci, and Antony Lorca below.


BelAmi’s GREEK DIARIES with Hoyt Kogan & Jerome Exupery

BelAmi Gay Porn Hoyt Kogan Jerome Exupery GREEK DIARIES

Last Sunday, I reported that BelAmi team are shooting gay porn in Greece with many BelAmi models. And now you can check out many behind the scenes pictures from the set in the member section of BELAMIONLINE.COM called GREEK DIARIES. Here’s a sneak peek of the sex scene between Hoyt Kogan and Jerome Exupery.

In front of Marty’s today we have Hoyt and Jerome. The boys definitely have one of the best views ever for making love to and seem to be making the most of it. After the scene we followed Hoyt around town for a bit to grab a few extra pictures for you.

For now, check out this new sex scenes: Jim Kerouac fucks Phillipe Gaudin and Jesse Tobey bottoms for Gino Mosca.


Bel Ami Update: Shooting Porn in Greece, Roald Ekberg Gets Fucked By Zac DeHaan & Adam Archuleta Tops Gregg Meyjes

Roald Ekberg Zac DeHaan BelAmi Gay Porn Cumshot

BELAMIONLINE.COM team is preparing to travel to Greece and shooting porn there for a few weeks.

The cast will be Ariel Vanean, Andrei Karenin, Jamie Durrell, Adam Archuleta, Marcel Gassion, Rhys Jagger, Peter Annaud, Helmut Huxley, Jerome Exupery, Hoyt Kogan, Jeroen Mondrian and a few boys that you have not yet met at all.

This Tuesday, they are starting a ‘Greek Diaries’ from the crew on location.

For now, check out this hot scene Zac DeHaan fucks the cum out of Roald Ekberg and Gregg Meyjes bottoms for Adam Archuleta.


How To Make A Mick Lovell Sandwich [Coming Soon]

BelAmi Gay Porn Mick Lovell Ariel Vanean Colin Hewitt Sandwich

I reported last year that BELAMIONLINE.COM has started releasing new never-before-seen sex scenes of gay porn star Mick Lovell. So far they release this video Mick bottoms for Claude Sorel and a preview of the flip-fuck between Mick and Kevin Warhol.

This week, BelAmi just released a preview video of the sex scenes coming later this month. And the scene that I think you should keep an eye on is this hot condom-free threesome where Mick Lovell gets sandwiched between Ariel Vanean and Colin Hewitt.

For now, check out this solo video of super cute newcomer Bastian Dufy and Scott Bennet fucks Tim Campbell condom-free.


Jamie Blyton (Florian Nemec) Shoots A Scene for Menatplay & Fucks Yuri Alpatow Raw at BelAmi

Jamie Blyton Florian Nemec Muscle Gay Porn Star Menatplay

As I reported last April, former BelAmi porn star Florian Nemec has changed his porn name to Jamie Blyton. He shot a solo scene with COLT and he is now a webcam model on Flirt 4 Free.

MENATPLAY.COM revealed on their Twitter that they has a video starring Jamie Blyton coming. He looks great in the preview pictures.

For now, check out this latest sex scene of Florian Nemec, it’s shot back when he was BelAmi model. In this scene, Florian Nemec fucks Yuri Alpatow condom-free.


Bel Ami Update: Kris Evans, Manuel Rios, Sascha Chaykin, Marc Ruffalo, and Jeff Mirren

Kris Evans BelAmi Gay Porn Star Big Cock Hardon

I posted some pictures of hot gay porn star Kris Evans in the ADDICTED swimwear collection with Hoyt Kogan earlier this week. He looks gorgeous in those pictures. And this week BELAMIONLINE.COM released this HOT photo set of Kris Evans in all his glory. :-) Check out the preview video of this Kris Evans photo shoot here.

This week BelAmi also released these hot sex scenes: Sascha Chaykin fucks Manuel Rios raw and Marc Ruffalo & Jeff Mirren Flip-Fuck.


Hoyt Kogan: Posing with Kris Evans & Kevin Warhol for ADDICTED Swimwear and Fucking Marcel Gassion Raw

Kris Evans Hoyt Kogan BelAmi Gay Porn Stars Male Models Kiss

I posted many sexy images of hot European porn stars from BELAMIONLINE.COM in ADDICTED swimwear collection here, here, here, here, and here.

Now I have more photos of Hoyt Kogan, Kris Evans, and Kevin Warhol shot during their recent trip to Barcelona. They are all very hot and look like mainstream fitness models in these photos!

After watch him fucking Claude Sorel and flip-fucking with Roald Ekberg on KINKYANGELS.COM. This week you can watch hottie Hoyt Kogan fuck Marcel Gassion condom-free on BelAmi main website.