Cocksure Men Teach You How To “Prepare To Bottom” Video

I found this funny video on CuzUrHorny, the blog run by the guys from COCKSURE MEN:

We get this email often, asking if we have any “tips.” The guys had a laugh and we threw this together. What surprised us so much was the rather brilliant comic timing of Riley Price and Rick McCoy who just ad libbed the whole thing. We knew Brady Jensen would have some quick and to the point info and we also knew Guy Jones would be his usual “man of few words.”

With special guests Charles Riley and Jake Cruise


Cocksure Men Brady Jensen, Morgan Black, Kevin Crows, Robert Axel, Guy Jones and Mitch Vaughn in The Engagement Part 1

Last December, I posted some pictures and a video from the set of COCKSURE MEN featuring Brady Jensen, Kevin Crows, Robert Axel, Guy Jones, Morgan Black and Mitch Vaughn together in one hot orgy video.

And now they are finally ready to roll out The Engagement – Part 1 – The Party with all six Cocksure Men exclusives. ‘Part 1′ starts out as Brady and Kevin announce their engagement to their best friends and a celebratory cock-sucking orgy breaks out, followed by two separate three-ways culminating in a bit of a cum-shot spectacular.

COCKSURE MEN team are really proud of this scene and I’m sure you’ll see why. The guys look amazing, the action is top-notch. Part 2, which is an epic 6-way hardcore scene, will be released in March… Too Long!