Porn Sneak Peek: Duncan Black, Angel Rock, Leo Domenico, Liam Magnuson, Marco Sessions, Tomas Brand, Talvin DeMachio

Three days ago, I reported that Ray Diaz, Shawn Wolfe, Jimmy Durano and Brody Wilder are shooting porn with Falcon at Lake Tahoe. I have more info about this shoot, Ray Diaz recently mentioned on his Twitter that he did a scene with Trystan Bull, another former Next Door exclusive model. And I have behind the scenes pictures of 4 more porn stars who are shooting porn at Lake Tahoe as well – Angel Rock, Brandon Jones, JD Phoenix and Jackson Taylor.

And I love the picture above, hottie Duncan Black practicing with a giant dildo for his upcoming scenes! In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” sexy pictures from Leo Domenico, Marco Sessions, Liam Magnuson, Tomas Brand and Cole Streets.