BelAmi Update: Kris Evans, Kevin Warhol, Hoyt Kogan, Jean Daniel, Phillipe Gaudin, Tom Pollock & Gaelan Binoche

BelAmi Kris Evans Hoyt Kogan Gay Porn Stars Addicted Underwear

I’m a fan of these ADDICTED underwear campaigns where they showcased BelAmi porn stars like Kris Evans, Kevin Warhol, Hoyt Kogan, Jean Daniel, and many more in gorgeous photography. It proved that BelAmi has many mainstream-quality models shooting porn for them. Check out the images here, here, here, and here.

Today I have these six sexy behind the scenes videos from those photo shoots. Watch them below. Don’t forget to check out a new 3-way scene where Phillipe Gaudin and Tom Pollock fuck Gaelan Binoche.


BelAmi Update: Kevin Warhol, Kris Evans, Andrei Karenin, Roald Ekberg, Jean Daniel, Rhys Jagger & Hoyt Kogan

BelAmi Kevin Warhol Kris Evans Luke Hamill Gay Porn Gym

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, three of BelAmi gay porn stars Kevin Warhol, Rhys Jagger & Jean Daniel are now on Twitter. Check out some behind the scenes pictures they just shared: Kevin and Jean working as bartenders and shooting new video with musclegod Kris Evans at BelAmi Gym.

This weekend, BelAmi also just released this hot 2-part flip-fuck video starring ripped porn stars Andrei Karenin and Roald Ekberg.


Kris Evans Gets Fucked By Torsten Ullman at BelAmi

Kris Evans Bottoms Torsten Ullman BelAmi Gay Porn Bareback Sex

We watched MuscleGod Kris Evans fuck new model Torsten Ullman the other day. Now it’s time for the Part 2 I’ve been waiting for. This time we can watch porn star Kris Evans BOTTOMS. :-) Check out preview pictures from this hot scene Kris Evans gets fucked raw by Torsten Ullman below.

For those of you interested in seeing a bit more of Torsten Ullman when he first came to BelAmi, there is more with him in August and September editions of KinkyAngels.


Kris Evans Fucks Newcomer Torsten Ullman Condom-Free

Kris Evans Torsten Ullman BelAmi Gay Porn Bareback Sex Musclegod

I’ve already posted some behind the scenes pictures of this hot new Bel Ami model Torsten Ullman from his recent porn shoot in Mykonos here, here, and here. Finally, today you can watch this ripped model in action for the first time. And Torsten is super lucky because his scene partner is BelAmi MuscleGod Kris Evans!

BelAmi just released the first part of the 2-part Kris Evans and Torsten Ullman Flip-Fuck! In this first part, Kris Evans fucks newcomer Torsten Ullman and this weekend fans can watch porn star Kris Evans gets fucked raw by Torstenn Ullman in Part 2. Can’t wait!


Kris Evans, Andrei Karenin, Marcel Gassion, Adam Archuleta, Helmut Huxley, Hoyt Kogan on The Set of BelAmi

Kris Evans Andrei Karenin BelAmi Gay Porn BTS

BELAMIONLINE.COM has released many behind the scenes pictures from its latest porn shoot at the same chateau outside of Prague where BelAmi and Nakedsword filmed their porn movie Dirty Rascals last year.

Earlier in the week you got a peek at Rick Day at work with our 3 new KinkyAngels (Helmut Huxley, Hoyt Kogan and Jerome Exupery). Some of you expressed surprise that we were not shooting more boys as well, but of course Rick actually shot a ton of different boys for us. Today we have combine a few pics from a scene with Adam Archuleta and a mystery new boy, Andrei Karenin and Kris Evans as well as Rick Day shooting Marcel Gassion. Marcel was Rick’s driver for the week picking him up early each morning and making the hour drive to the location.. Hopefully getting to know Marcel better gave Rick an insight into Marcel’s personality that will come out in the finished images.

Kris Evans looks gorgeous as usual in this production. :-) This week, you can also watch Marcel Gassion fucks Roald Ekberg raw and Adam Archuleta & Marc Ruffalo take turns fucking each other.


Kris Evans Flip-Fucks with Ripped Newcomer Torsten Ullman This Summer and FYI: He Is NOT on Twitter

Kris Evans Torsten Ulmann BelAmi Gay Porn Bareback Sex

BELAMIONLINE.COM just released Part 2 of Summer Of Love which consists of 12 flip-flop scenes, 12 outdoor photo sessions, and 12 solos/castings. The highlights of this trailer is the condom-free flip-fuck scenes between gay porn star Kris Evans & ripped new model Torsten Ullman and Vadim Farrell & Rhys Jagger. Check out the XXX trailer below.

And FYI, BelAmi has only 3 official Twitter accounts: @BelAmiOnline, @KinkyAngels, and @BelAmiChat. NO BelAmi Models have Twitter accounts, most don’t speak English. If you see anyone on Twitter pretending to be Kris Evans, Jim Kerouac, Brandon Manilow, Hoyt Kogan, Jack Harrer, or any BelAmi models, those are FAKE accounts.


Bel Ami Update: Kris Evans, Manuel Rios, Sascha Chaykin, Marc Ruffalo, and Jeff Mirren

Kris Evans BelAmi Gay Porn Star Big Cock Hardon

I posted some pictures of hot gay porn star Kris Evans in the ADDICTED swimwear collection with Hoyt Kogan earlier this week. He looks gorgeous in those pictures. And this week BELAMIONLINE.COM released this HOT photo set of Kris Evans in all his glory. :-) Check out the preview video of this Kris Evans photo shoot here.

This week BelAmi also released these hot sex scenes: Sascha Chaykin fucks Manuel Rios raw and Marc Ruffalo & Jeff Mirren Flip-Fuck.


Hoyt Kogan: Posing with Kris Evans & Kevin Warhol for ADDICTED Swimwear and Fucking Marcel Gassion Raw

Kris Evans Hoyt Kogan BelAmi Gay Porn Stars Male Models Kiss

I posted many sexy images of hot European porn stars from BELAMIONLINE.COM in ADDICTED swimwear collection here, here, here, here, and here.

Now I have more photos of Hoyt Kogan, Kris Evans, and Kevin Warhol shot during their recent trip to Barcelona. They are all very hot and look like mainstream fitness models in these photos!

After watch him fucking Claude Sorel and flip-fucking with Roald Ekberg on KINKYANGELS.COM. This week you can watch hottie Hoyt Kogan fuck Marcel Gassion condom-free on BelAmi main website.


BelAmi Fitness: A Private Gym for BelAmi Gay Porn Stars

BelAmi Fitness Nude Male Model Gay Porn Stars

More hot new and muscular BelAmi porn models coming our way in the near future. BELAMIONLINE.COM shared these sexy pictures of “BelAmi Fitness” to members. Apparently, BelAmi is now providing a private gym to its models in Prague and they plan to shoot reality series there. Check out pictures of BelAmi models working out naked below including a sneak peek of some hot newcomers you’ve never seen before.

Don’t forget to check out Part 2 of Kris Evans, Rhys Jagger, Jean-Daniel & Julien Hussey Orgy. [Pictures of Part 1 here]


Kris Evans, Rhys Jagger, Jean-Daniel & Julien Hussey Raw Orgy

BelAmi Kris Evans Rhys Jagger Jean-Daniel Julien Hussey Orgy Gay Porn

It’s always nice to see hunky porn star Kris Evans in action and BelAmi just released the first part of this hot orgy scene starring Kris Evans, Rhys Jagger, Jean-Daniel & Julien Hussey. Rhys and Julien are bottom in this Part 1. The boys also try experiencing with some bondage action in this video. And of course, the scene ends with explosive cumshots from Kris Evans and the guys.

Speaking of bondage, BelAmi recently released a sex scene where cutie Gino Mosca gets restrained and fucked by Jack Harrer.