Adam Richter & Konrad Richter – Double Czech: Twins In Lust

Watch out Peters Twins! There’s another set of “Porn Twins” in town. The Richter Twins Adam Richter and Konrad Richter are no stranger to controversy themselves, they had fucked each other in Double Czech 2009.

Now they are back in the latest Double Czech film from director William Higgins, Double Czech: Twins In Lust from Channel 1 Releasing.

Apparently Bel Ami model Ennio Guardi has become twins expert now. He had flip flop fucked with Milo & Elijah (Peters Twins) at Bel Ami Online and now he fucks The Richter Twins in Double Czech: Twins In Lust (he’s called Libor Kenda in this movie).


Fuckable Bodybuilder – Rudolf Schneider (aka Walt Rickman)

muscular gay porn star bodybuilder Rudolf Schneider aka Walt Rickman getting fucked

I just realize that I forgot to mention one bodybuilder porn performer I like. He’s Rudolf Schneider. This big and beefy stud appeared in many videos from WILLIAM HIGGINS and BADPUPPY.COM along with other porn sites and studios under various porn names. Such as Walt Rickman on DANNY RAY ONLINE.

And just like bodybuilder Joey Intenso, hunky Rudolf Schneider gets fucked by many smaller guys, the way I like it!