Adam Champ Fucks Scott Hunter in Stag by Titan Men

Gay porn star Adam Champ won “World Most Popular Gay Porn Star / Cam Star” at Grabby Awards this year while Scott Hunter won “Best Duo” from his performance with Jessy Ares in Nightfall.

You can watch these two award-winning porn stars Adam Champ fucks Scott Hunter in this latest scene from STAG, the new movie by Titan Men. Check out some behind the scenes photos here.

+ Adam Champ Fucks Scott Hunter in STAG


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  1. sxg says

    @Carey I think it’s perfect.

    And Scott Hunter is one hungry pig bottom, so it’s disappointing to see him with a top whose performance level is average at best. Sorry Adam you do have an amazing body, but you are not a great top and these studios are delusional to think that you are.

  2. Tony says

    I remember seeing Adam Champ fucking this hot guy name Arthur Gordon in a Colt movie. Whatever happened to Arthur Gordon? I’ve never seen him on QMN. Arthur Gordon

  3. MarcoManuel says

    sxg! pornobb!

    Why are you so dissapointed with Adam Champ being a top?

    Adam is so full of energy and passion when fucking men.

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