AIDEN Shoots “Triple Load” Again Getting Fucked By Chandler

The name of this week video from CORBINFISHER.COM is AIDEN’S TRIPLE LOAD III and I think it needs no introduction. “Gentle Giant” AIDEN amazes me again with his incredible load capacity. In this scene Aiden cums 3 times while getting fucked by smaller new model named Chandler.


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  1. sxg says

    Aiden is just incredible!

    I can’t help but think of Chandler Bing from Friends every time I hear that first name LOL. Other than a nice size dick Chandler really doesn’t do anything for me. Aiden deserves to be paired with someone who can take on a man of his size.



    DOES anybody else think Chandler is Jaredesque looking or is it just me?

  3. leev says

    i can’t believe some ppl are complaining because he comes too many times lmao!!I love this boy,he’s a great performer and seems such a sweet boy.

  4. Rictor says

    Marketing plan: Aiden’s Triple Load IV, Aiden’s Double Load 2, Aiden’s Triple Load V. Even though I am a fan of Aiden’s, I am starting to tire of the same positions and same cum shots. Can’t they vary the scenes just a little so it doesn’t look like a rehash of the previous ten he’s done??? Perhaps a DP or a 5-guy gang bang is in Aiden’s marketing plan…

  5. David says

    No porn star out there can out do what this guy has done so far! No one… He needs to cum without touching himself – thrice – next or just plain come 5 times while getting gang banged or dp’d! That would be hot!

  6. Bee says

    Next up: Aiden’s quadruple load while getting triple penetrated, don’t ask me how it’ll work.

    So, I don’t know much about this CF model, is he meant to be “straight guy gone bi/gay or whatever” like the majority?

  7. JockBoy says

    I feel so “lowly” since Aiden can shoot 3 times… LMAO …. Who the fuck cares. Heres how I say it 3 times. Silly. Silly. Silly ….

  8. sxg says

    @Ben it’s a shock to see it in porn although kristen bjorn was known to include multiple cumshots from each of the guys, those scenes took up to 5 days to film. Here it’s a span of a few hours and they’re all decent size loads. Also if you look closely it takes a lot out of him you see his goosebumps pop out all over his body

  9. says

    Totalmente de acuerdo con aquellos que piensan que AIDEN merece parejas de escenas, que estèn a su altura y no cualquier feucho traido de los pelos a ùltimo momento.
    AIDEN deberia exigir y elegir a sus compañeros de escenas.

  10. says

    I think it’s awesome that anyone can come 3 times in a row. Just watched one of Aiden’s in the series last night for the 1st time (the one with Cain) and was totally amazed. He’s having a complete ball. You can tell he’s totally into it. He was screaming for heaven’s sake each time he came! So what if he’s just coming into his “bottomness”, he’s having fun and we are too, watching him have so much fun. I think he’s absolutely gorgeous and otherwise perfect, lol! God, I love his big body and huge cock, but most of all I love that he seems like such a nice guy. All the other models say the same thing about him: that’s his nickname, Gentle Giant. He’s what I want in a lover; big, gentle, humorous and hot.

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