Alex Marte, Jonathan Agassi, David Avila, Jeff Strong Live Show

One of my readers just sent me these Vine video clips he took of porn stars Alex Marte, Jonathan Agassi, David Avila and Jeff Stronger fucking live on stage! Thank you so much for these clips! The guys look hot fucking in front of audience at Tel Aviv Pride’s BEEF event.

+ More of Alex Marte | Jonathan Agassi | David Avila | Jeff Stronger

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  1. manu says

    Thank you for the hot mini vines but can we have a longer “full” video ? If it exists…that would be nice :)
    These clips made me feel uncomfortable…someone is fucking Alex Marte in public and it’s not me, and I’m not there…
    My depression is crawling back in :p

  2. sxg says

    I really am starting to hate vine. Seems like such a waste to catch 5 seconds of something that we can all spend hours drooling over!

  3. James says

    I am going to have to agree…Vine = Ugh! No! It just starts, then that’s it! I know that is…what it is…but I have the attention span of someone older than 2. Want to see more.

  4. matt says

    Vine looks like a GIF thats it – id like to see the full video…and as a jew, want to visit israel for pride one year – i hear tel aviv is really becoming a gay capital

  5. sxg says

    Go to Madrid Pride before Tel Aviv pride it is amazing. Over 2 million people there, the largest pride in Europe. And it is dubbed as the most gay friendly city and the city with the most gay rights in the world.

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