An American In Prague 3D Remake with Mick Lovell, Kris Evans, Luke Hamill, Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, and Dolph Lambert

This weekend, BELAMIONLINE.COM released another 3 scenes from An American In Prague 3D Remake. You got the scene Kris Evans fucks Jean-Daniel Chagall (with condom), behind the scenes footage with porn stars Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, Mick Lovell, Kris Evans & Dolph Lambert and the sex scene Mick Lovell bottoms for Luke Hamill (condom-free).

+ An American in Prague: Kris Evans Fucks Jean-Daniel Chagall

+ An American in Prague: Luke Hamill Fucks Mick Lovell


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  1. Anderson says

    the biggest problem with Belami is the boys are clearly instructed to moaning A LOT. it sounds so fake that I can’t enjoy it.

  2. Simon says

    I agree with you, Anderson. The loud moaning often sounds so fake that you can hardly enjoy a scene. That’s a pity because BA has the most beautiful guys in the European gay porn business. This scene with Luke and Mick didn’t impress me. I found it quite boring and Mick’s cumshot was really disappointing. What I found strange: this scene is part of “An American in Prague” but it was filmed in South Africa. Really strange!

  3. ToyKanon says

    Usually gorgeous, kris is aging….fast. Luke is already there and done. Nothing lasts forever, or very long for that matter. They should breed new ones b4 the older ones are retired. Henri, I’ll support u whenever ur ready. All you guys, dump the chicks, pronto.

  4. Simon says

    Mick was fired by George Duroy for not showing up for a scene with Kevin Warhol in New York some months ago. The scene with Luke was filmed in South Africa and is a year and a half old, and was thus not filmed very recently.

  5. andrew says

    I think the porn gods of Bel Ami, especially KRIS EVANS, should be “milked” daily and their “milk” (cum) sold in Health Food Stores.

  6. Filip says

    This was a very good scene. I definitely agree that in many BelAmi-scenes there is way too much moaning. But this one was good. Mick is one of the best performers in gay porn! Even if he has (sadly) retired…

  7. Filip says

    I just noticed (three months after my posting) that this thread is about two scenes (and not only one). The scene I was commenting and liked a lot, is Mick´s scene (with Luke H).

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