Annual Falcon and Raging Stallion Studio VIP Party 2012

This year, Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion Studios hosted their annual party at Mezzanine on Saturday, September 22nd in San Francisco. It’s the start of Folsom Street Fair Weekend 2012.

This event has a VERY long list of special appearances by gay porn stars: Paddy O’Brian, Liam Magnuson, Tom Wolfe, Derek Parker, Tony Buff, Jason Michaels, Charlie Harding, Donny Wright, Cal Skye, Trenton Ducati, Race Cooper, Blake Daniels, Blue Bailey, Fabio Stallone, Dean Monroe, Christopher Daniels, Leo Forte, Levi Madison, Tony Hunter, Cole Streets, Preston Steel, Josh West.

And in case you weren’t in San Francisco yesterday and missed their party, just like me. Don’t worry. Chicago Pride website has 100 photos from Falcon and Raging Stallion VIP Party 2012 for you.

+ Chicago Pride: The Men of Falcon & Raging Stallion Studios


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  1. Gary says

    Lets lose Paddy O’Brian – im not going into the whole gay4pay subject BUT ive seen wood that can get ‘into’ the action better! why are some guys hot for him whilst being totally against people like Cody Cummings, its laughable!

  2. manu says

    The scene between Paddy and Jimmy Fanz was extremly hot, I guess some people are just bitter because they can never hope to get a guy like him 😉 They are stuck with “wooden” dildoes. Don’t hurt yourself Gary!!

  3. JW says

    I believe that guys are more so into Paddy as opposed to Cody because Paddy has taken things to another level that Cody does not have any interest in doing so. Whether it looks the way you perceive it to be or others look at it from another perspective, Paddy has still taken to have actual intercourse and suck cock in his most recent videos as where Cody has not which is a huge difference.

  4. Joe says

    Jimmy Fanz was not allowed to go to the events because he is only 20 years old which means he could not get into the bar/club where Raging Stallion/Falcon was holding their party.

  5. manu says

    JW in which scene has paddy sucked cock?
    Didn’t realize Jimmy Fanz was so young :p It’s crazy that at 20 you are allowed to get double fucked for the whole world to see but can’t get into a bar lol

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