Beefy Studs Aiden and Connor Tag Team Travis at Corbin Fisher

I think Corbin Fisher‘s porn star Aiden (aka Roman at SEAN CODY and Gage at CHAOS MEN) is 2011 answer to Cain (Where is Cain? By the way). Both Aiden and Cain have big muscles and I hope it’s just a matter of time for Aiden to bottom.

Those who’s not satisfied with the previous scene Aiden fuck Trey with a girl watching should be happy with this new video. Muscular models Aiden and Connor tag team bottom boy Travis in this video. Aiden seems to be more comfortable with gay sex. He blows huge load twice!

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  1. Peter says

    Are they not using condoms?
    Corbin Fisher models always look like they are going to throw up when they shoot cum in eachothers mouths.

  2. Res says

    They don’t fuck part of the movie without condoms. It was only for a second. I believe they give these boys Viagra. I mean, Aiden stayed erect the entire time. Even behind the scenes when they were interviewing him.

  3. James says

    I read on waybig that in part of the movie they aren’t wearing condoms. I used to like when they protected their models. I guess those days of old are over.

  4. Chris says

    I’ll just start and end the condom wank –

    “omg they’re not using condoms how gross and disgusting I hate Corbin Fisher but I’m still watching it and looking at the pictures”

    “if someone catches AIDS because of barebacking, it’s totally porn’s fault”

    “hold Corbin Fisher accountable for barebacking in the gay community rather than personal accountability!”

    I think I missed some, but I got most of it.

  5. Chris says

    And bareback porn is not going to end, not by a longshot either. And by your opinion of studios having to “protect” their models from bareback sex – models that are by the way ADULTS and CONSENTING and know that condomless sex = higher risk factor of catching a STD – you’re just another person who doesn’t believe in accountability and responsibility for one’s actions.

  6. Kyle says

    Wow you guys need to grow up. Porn is porn, if you don’t like bareback porn then don’t watch it. You guys complain like little rascals over and over and it’s pointless. And bareback porn doesn’t make you bareback unless you are retarded. Your annoying complaints are not going to stop studios from doing bareback porn cause they have tons of fans that enjoy watching it. So stop the condom preaching crap, porn whether it is condom or bareback is a fantasy for those who enjoying viewing. And if Corbin Fisher wants to do more bareback movies I’m all for it. I like condom porn and bareback porn, but like bareback the best even though I don’t bareback. Since I am a mature adult and know how to make decision for myself.

  7. James says

    “You’re just another person who doesn’t believe in accountability and responsibility for one’s actions.”

    Well I obviously do. I think people either forget or don’t care what the gay community went through with HIV/AIDS. Would you be saying this if HIV was still a death sentence?

  8. alex says

    Bareback porn is just wrong and unnecessary. I stopped watching straight porn because so few performers used condoms. I’m not about to watch gay porn that is just as careless.

    Aiden is a bit younger than I like em, but he really does have the body of a man. That twinky bottom though — ugh.

  9. Jason says

    I remember reading somewhere that Cain was in a fenderbender that left him pretty bruised (but ok) and for that reason he wouldn’t be onscreen for a while. It’s been a while ago, so we should be seeing more of him soon. Maybe for a flip flop with Aiden? We can only hope…

  10. mick says

    Wait until someone gets HIV on a CF set and sues them. CF will have have the tables turned on them in the lawsuit game.

  11. Kyle says

    Oh My God, I choose to watch whatever I’m going to watch, this is 2011 not 1980. It’s obvious you guys are either weak or brainless. I see why many guys ignore you whining complaints. I will say it again, you don’t like bareback porn then do not watch it. No need to sit in your closet and cry wolf, it’s never going to end so give it up.

  12. Roger says

    Yes Aiden is a huge catch for CF. CF should do all they can to keep him in their stables. That vid was very intense and yes all the models were enjoying themselves.

    As far as CF house bottoms go, please bring Colby in as well…..

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