Bel Ami Releases 30 New Sex Scenes Daily All December Long

George Duroy and BELAMIONLINE.COM surprised their fans with the comeback of legendary porn star Lucas Ridgeston in Forever Lukas back in October and they’ve outdone themselves with the release of the biggest condom-free group sex, 24 Boys Anniversary Orgy in November. As I mentioned in my previous post that Bel Ami has a surprise for members throughout December.

It’s gonna be a very Hardcore December for members because BELAMIONLINE.COM is releasing one new XXX anal sex scene EVERYDAY all December long!

There are 30 fuck scenes from Bel Ami to look forward to this month. I can’t wait to see the video muscle stud Derek Raser gets fucked by Vadim Farrell. (pictured above) Check out preview below for all your favorite Bel Ami porn stars such as Kris Evans, Kevin Warhol, Jim Kerouac, Manuel Rios, Sascha Chaykin and more.



  1. andrew says

    Lets mark World Aids Day Week with as many “Condom Free” sex scenes as possible. The Gay Porn Studio execs agree with the Catholic Hierarchy that condoms are BAD!

  2. Max says

    They’re turning themselves into MEN? At least production wise?

    Anyway I hope they pay importance to contrasting while pairing their all lookalike models.

    @Alex I think that’s Jean-Daniel Chagall – he’s stunning.

  3. Alias74 says

    LOL @Andrew.

    @Max….Bel Ami could never become the droid-like, clip factory that is

    I’m sad I let my subscription to Bel Ami run out….every sex clip is hot and the performers, though nothing like the hey day of Bel Ami, are always sexy and adorable.
    Meanwhile…Sascha: EAT A BURGER! You’re looking thin and emaciated dude!

  4. trex says

    Bel ami members learned today that Duroy will keep his “new hardcore scene” each day in December promise by using filler scenes from Robert Boggs. The update today was the first non-Bel Ami filler scene. Members are going to get a lot of new scenes featuring Bel ami models in December, which is great, but they won’t be seeing 30 scenes featuring real Bel Ami models.

  5. says

    @ Woody … ENOUGH OF ORDER BLACK GUYS!. Do not speak on behalf of us all. Only to you, is crazy about black guys fucking white boys.

  6. bucko0710 says

    Finally! Another scene with Derek Raser!! When will BEL AMI shoot more scenes of this studly bottom beauty?? He’s totally scorchingly hot! Good to see Manuel Rios back again as well. Can hardly wait…

  7. says

    @Kevin…..What are you complaining about?! Bel Ami is never going to use black guys, except for the rare “mulatto” (to use GD’s term). So take it easy. Bel-Ami will always stay a white only zone.

  8. Iverson says

    The lack of diversity in Bel-Ami rooster of men, will always render them redundant and forgettable. Out this lot, Kris Evans is the only standout. Everyone else are pretty disposable.

  9. Eric from Sweden says

    @fran: This is what George Duroy had to say about Ariel Vanean. This is from the Bel Ami Online Message Boards:

    “Ariel stopped shooting almost one and half year ago. There are still 3-4 unreleased scenes with him. I guess they’ll be released as part of his star-profile some years down the road. I miss him too – he was great performer. Reasons for his decision to quit are same mystery to me as they are to you. There was really no serious problem and his family didn’t have any problem with his porn career. May be rich sugar-daddy – it happens here and there. GD”

  10. andrew says

    @Blackjack: Mu comment wasn’t intended to be funny and it certainly wasn’t pathetic. The major Gay Porn Studios like Bel Ami, Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher and others are desensitizing young gay males to the real danger of engaging in BB sex. They are doing what the tobacco companies use to do. They are showing beautiful people engaging in risky behavior in order to increase their profits.

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