Bel Ami Boys At 2011 Sydney Mardi Gras Events In Australia

Lukas Ridgeston and the sexy porn boys of BEL AMI are taking Australia by storm. Too bad Brady Jensen did NOT join them as reported earlier. DNA magazine took his name off the list in its original post. I think somebody made a mistake there.

Now I found loads of hot pictures from many 2011 Sydney Mardi Gras events these hot Bel Ami boys Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert, Vadim Farrell, Harris Hilton, Ryan Kutcher (former Man Avenue model Christian), Luke Hamill, Jean Daniel Chagall and one super HOT new blond model have attended such as DNA float at the Mardi Gras Parade, Mardi Gras Beach Party at Bondi beach, AussieBums photo shoot and lots of candid photos.


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Florian Nemec Fucks Patrik Peterson

Kristof Esterhazy Fucks Julien Hussey

Florian Nemec Fucks Jason Clark

Ted Ruskin on the Casting Couch

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  1. mel says

    Kris Evans is amazing. I just like looking at him. He and CF’s Cain have the sickest bodies in porn. A combination of youth and great genetics. I wasnt aware that sidney had a great mardi gras? It looks like aussiebum may have underwritten this escapade downunder. They should have been in Miami last weekend for the Winter Party.

  2. Luiz Sérgio says

    Kris is the newest pornstar of Bel Ami like Lukas was, just pay attention that at grand part of the pictures, he is in the focus. To be a star in Bel Ami you probably need to be polemic and he made (Why we don’t have hot cops here in Brazil?). Beyond the fact that the place where he is must be the hottest place on Hungary!

  3. Spongey says

    I have to keep reminding myself that most of these Bel Ami guys are straight, sigh. I’m hoping they’ve learned enough English to do a tour of the states someday!

  4. Peter says

    oh cool! you’ve used two of my photos! 😀 was a whole lot of fun meeting the boys in Sydney… the boys are all just so damn hot and nice in real life!

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