Bel Ami Boys Enjoy Pool Party at Glen Hotel in Cape Town

After the post about 4 American porn models joining Bel Ami porn shoot in Cape Town. I got this email from Robert of this cool blog called Random Hot Guys. He informed me that Bel Ami boys usually stay at the Glen Hotel in Sea Point. He also sent me a link to these pictures from a recent pool party the hotel hosted.

Too bad these pictures were taken back in December, before the American models arrive. So we still can’t see the “top secret fourth” American model…

+ Bel Ami Boys at Shame Pool Party @ The Glenn


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    HOT as always and that is happy to know about the 4th American Boy “MY ZEKE from Corbin Fisher is it you?

    Uh is that a girl or guy in the black? Kinda hard to tell I wanna say a guy, but then I look at the shoes. Nevermind I just LOVE BA BOYS squeal!!!!

    ? can’t they shoot anywhere else besides SA.
    No offense to SA but there is Italy ,Argentina,Columbia,PR,DR Just Saying

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