Benny G Gets Fucked By Jackson and Fucks The Cameraman

I haven’t written about this muscle bottom Benny G for some times now. Whether you like him or don’t, here’s his new scene from FRATERNITY X called Throw That Dick In. It begins with Benny G getting fucked by Jackson (He has the biggest dick at this frat house). Half way through the video, they drag the cameraman into the
action, fucked and breed his hole.

+ Throw That Dick In: Jackson Fucks Benny G and Cameraman


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  1. says

    That right!!! Like him or hate him, Benny G is here to stay. He a hot bodied, loud mouthed, fuck stud. Who’s over the top, crazy, and maybe a train wreak happening. But I love this guy anyway.

  2. sxg says

    agree darkhog something about all that loudass crazyness rolled up into one big muscley meaty-assed fucker just makes me bust load after load!

  3. brentsfan says

    The pics look great, but I think the videos are not boring, but too amateurish. They seem to have never heard of proper lighting. Anyway I love Benny G, maybe he should go to another site. But the concept should be the same: Benny getting fucked BB and really hard, cause that´s the way this bitch needs it. What I don´t understand is why some of these guys always keep their shirts on, that´s a turn-off. Are their bodies so hideous?

  4. sxg says

    The cameraman getting fucked looks to have a really nice body. The fratboy however does not. You can tell he has a bit of a beer gut, and he’s pretty pale. Maybe they’re trying to hide certain tattoos?

  5. Mykull says

    sometimes Benny is hot and sometimes he’s not in my opinion. After a while his hole is going to be slammed so much it will be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

  6. says

    I’ve not seen any of Benny G’s scenes, and know nothing about him. But based upon these pics and his appearance alone, I’d def fuck him!

  7. alex says

    Most fratboys do have beer guts — at least by senior year, so I think Benny’s body type is appropo. The two skinny dudes, I guess could pass for Freshers.

  8. sxg says

    I wasn’t talking about Benny G’s beer gut, I was talking about the pale one with the light blue shirt. But I don’t think that’s a beer gut on Benny, it’s a bit of a roid gut. Not too big like others who roid out too much.

  9. andrew says

    Love Benny G. There is nothing hotter than a submissive bottom muscle man. Big dicked cutie, Jackson was the perfect guy to plow Benny G and to show him which big muscle trumps all the rest.

  10. Philly born says

    Benny G was beat up by 16 police officers on broad st in Philadelphia on January 16th. He was in a coma for a while from 4 different tasers zaps and 4 cops broke their hands on his face and somehow that is all Benny G’s fault and charged him for walking down the street with ear buds on for music and he was wrongfully profiled. He is a good man born to a crazy world. He is currently in prison with no help to get him free. He was in military for 10 years in Iraq and Afghanistan were he was shot and ptsd started. All the agency’s that he worked with are not helping him out even though they are still making money off his videos. He needs help since he has been in cfcf prison for over a year for protecting himself. Please help Benny g (Benjamin Green))? Please

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