Bodybuilder Christian Power Gets Fucked By Alexy Tyler

I think Christian Power is one of the hottest and most muscular bottoms at the moment. He got fucked by Marko Lebeau in his porn debut and today, MEN OF MONTREAL releases his second scene. This time bodybuilder Christian Power gets fucked by Alexy Tyler.


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  1. Aquaman2011 says

    I can look @ Alexy all day!! Not just him fucking or getting fucked – just generally looking at him. He’s drop dead gorgz… I don’t care who bitches about him and/or the scene. I love Alexy Tyler :)

  2. Tony says

    Wow, he’s a gorgeous man and he’s a 10. However, I don’t like my men to be too big and muscular. I feel very intimidated by big muscular men. LOL I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed.

  3. jose luis says

    Afourtunadamente se ve mas excitado, menos robotizado y mas expresivo en esta escena que en la primera con Marko LeBeau. Espero que en las siguientes se anime a besar con mas pasión y a mamar verga.

  4. dissi says

    I want him to do everything that I want him to do!
    but srsly, he is pretty mega-hot. he looks a bit like the actor Eric Bana (yeah… THAT hot).

  5. says

    Dam hes fine. Marko Lebeau your lucky to have found him. I wanna see him get rode backwards like that and see his hot ass. I hope to see more of him…

  6. Matias says

    Power to be, he is a hunk.
    Tats are something not to discuss here, but I must, Alexy Tyler has beautiful body, so why oh why all those tats. It’s his choice, I know. I see AT as a good bottom.

  7. says

    re Christian Power…(a) “Amen” to Tony’s comments above; (b) I enjoy seeing pubic hair waxed &/o shaved; (c) nice foreskin overhang!

    re Alexy Tyler…(a) yummy beautiful not overmuscular body; (b) I get off on tasteful, high-end ink; (c) video of him & Christian Power ; (d) he’s hot~ please feature him again!

  8. charlie_jack says

    In pics 5 and 6 Alexy isn’t hard, let’s see him get fucked by a top that likes to fuck. Plus he has quite a nice big dick would nice to see it get some arse

  9. says

    Cristhian es un hombre hermoso y muy masculino…es deseable a la vista.
    Lamentablemente es muy frio a la hora de actuar en un video .
    Le falta expresion y calides en todos sus actos.

  10. sxg says

    Christian looking very hot! He’s a great find.

    What is up with these pics of Alexy here? These pics make his body look a bit off. The man is gorgeous but a lot of these pics don’t do anything for him. Glad to see he’s still around :)

  11. TJ says

    We need to see more of Christian. He’s so beautiful! And i love the way he’s shaven his body hair, makes him look bigger.

  12. MarcoManuel says

    jeremyrain! Most bodybuilders in gay porn are mostly straight.

    Gay men are not that much into bodybuilding and bodybuilders to begin with.

    Most gay men are more into muscle men who have a more natural look.Like Damien Crosse and Adam Killian.

    So,you see lots of gay men who have that more natural look in gay porn.

    Why do you think that sites like MuscleHunks,Powermen and all muscle worship sites only have muscle men that never have sex with men?

    Its because they are straight.

    Theres very few gay men on these muscle worship sites.

    But,you can bet that some of these men are bi.

    So,you can see why theres a lack of gay bodybuilders in gay porn.

  13. MarcoManuel says

    I cant believe that most of you praise Christian.

    I guess that you dont care if a gay for pay man is a bad performer and he dont give a fu?k about men,as long as he is hot.

    Christian is a lazy bottom.

    He only go through the motion.

    Christian is obviously not into men and he doesnt even try to hide it.

    He is just another gay for pay man who wants to show his straightness.

    He looks totally indifferent to the sex he have.

    Look at his pictures when he gets fucked.Nuff said.

    He looks as if he was saying (a man is fucking me,so what!)

    Gay for pay will not go away anytime soon.

    You can say thanks to gay men for that.

  14. James says

    MarcoManuel, you are talking utter shite. There are tons of gay/bi bodybuilders in and out of porn. There are also tons of men into muscle worship, and many gay men, including me, love the bodybuilder look.

  15. sxg says

    I agree with James. There are more gay men who are bodybuilders than you think. In porn Matthew Rush and Cayden Ross come to mind, although Cayden only did competitions a short time, he was always a really big guy and he leans more towards gay. Bodybuilders are bodybuilders because of their obsession with the male physique, so it would come as no surprise that there may be more of them that are gay or bi than you think.

  16. Mike says

    Um MaroManuel. I really have no qualms about whether a porn performer is gay or straight. I don’t know them, have no plans to connect with them on any personal level. It’s all eye candy on my computer screen. You brought up the point about these muscle worship sites in which men only masturbate cos they’re straight so won’t do anything else. And now we have this Christian dude who’s purportedly straight and is willing to take it up his butt. I’d say Bravo to him! Cos it’s just fantasy. Unless he beat up Alexy Tyler or Marko Lebeau behind the camera, then whatever he likes to hump in his private life is his business. He’s a gay porn actor who is paid to wear his birthday suit for our visual enjoyment. An actor. That is all.

  17. WriteIt says

    Marco is right. There are very few gay bodybuilders. I don’t know why since there is a large group that are attracted to bodybuilders. The Chris Wides and Mitchell Rocks of the gay population are rare. Bodybuilding requires training partners. I don’t think many gay men outside of big cities have the social networks to get a training partner who is gay because it’s unlikely a straight guy will do it.

    I have qualms with heterosexual males in gay porn. First, they are universally bad performers. Second, they totally lack passion. Third, they refuse to do certain sex acts or do them poorly.

  18. Mike says

    Straight men are universally bad performers in gay porn? So are all universally bad performers straight men by default? How much do you know about these men’s personal sexual lives? ‘Cause they tell us they’ve got a girlfriend or wife at home and that guarantees their heterosexuality? And if a supposedly g4p acts like he’s enjoying himself too much sucking cock, gay men immediately jump all over him declaring he can’t possibly be straight since he LOOKS like he likes it too much. Also, how do you know if a g4p is performing a sex act poorly because he’s unable to perform or whether he’s doing it on purpose to maintain a g4p persona? Porn- it’s all make-believe. Porn stars, gay or straight, don’t get on my radar at all when I’m not horny, and I don’t think about what gets their juices flowing. It’s crass to say this perhaps but as a man- a hot piece of ass is a hot piece of ass.

  19. Herman says

    Christian makes his porn debut taking it up the ass? Absolutely fine w me since the guy is gorgeous. Total eye candy for me and I cant wait to see more of those muscles in action preferaby as a bottom man.

  20. dissi says

    in the case of muscle worship sites, I don’t totally mind their sexuality if they’re just showing off and masturbating. I LOVE the male body and totally get off on flexing, bending over, showering, dancing. the idealized male form is a beautiful thing.

  21. manu says

    Christian is gorgeous , I hope to see a lot more videos of him with close ups of his hole after it’s been penetrated :p That would be so hot.
    ANd thanks Marko Lebeau for this great site, you have very good taste in men. AND you fucked Christian – that must have felt amazing :p

  22. Oscar says


  23. mitch says

    he’s a bore and alexy is the real star, only alexy should always bottom, his divine ass is made for it, handsome face too, luv’m, too many muscles are too many muscles, yuk

  24. manu says

    Yes Oscar I agree!! Pair him with Max Chevalier and make it a flip fuck scene where each one of them cums while bottoming, and then they both get on a double headed dildo and cum a second time!!

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