Bottoming Debut: Vance Crawford Gets Fucked By Alex James

Gay porn newcomer Vance Crawford looks so adorable with a dick up his butt :-) Looks like he is having a good time in his bottoming debut video from COCKSURE MEN. Vance Crawford gets fucked by Alex James.


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  1. EdWoody says

    I think the shrivelled dick and balls actually suggests he’s not having that good of a time at all. Compare to CF’s Travis, who can’t keep it soft when he’s getting fucked.

    All of which is a shame, because I really like Vance and I’d prefer to see him enjoying himself.

  2. Mel says

    Vance very cute and props for taking a big dick, I would however like to see him spend some more time in the gym especially on his chest. This is not his first time bottoming he had a scene were he bottomed for Jake Cruise but was quickly taken off the site for reason unknown.

  3. alex says

    I live seeing a guy soft when he’s getting banged. I hate those European guys who pop viagra like candy so that they can be hard as soon as the camera starts — and are probaby still hard 4 hours later.

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